Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Valhalla Rising to Premiere Sept 13, Triage Sept 12th at Toronto Film Festival

TIFF 09 has updated with great news tonight revealing the actual screen times and dates for the films at this year's festival. Of interest:

VALHALLA RISING will premiere Sunday September 13 2:30PM at Ryerson
Luckily for us peasants who have no chance in hell in getting those tickets to the premiere, VH will screen again on Tuesday, Sept 15 at 4, followed a third time on Sept 19 at 12:15pm.
More info on this here.

Refn's Valhalla Rising was filmed on location in Scotland, and based out of Film City Glasgow, starring long time Sigma friend, the great Mads Mikkelsen as well as my personal favorite, the truly wonderful Jamie Sives. UPDATE: Vertigo Films has now launched a website for the film, but all it says is "coming soon" and has nothing else at this point.

Jamie is also star of another very anticipated film
TRIAGE which will premiere on
Saturday September 12th 8:30PM at the Winter Haven Theater
then again on Monday September 14th 9:15AM: Info HERE.

Individual Tickets go on sale (non jumbo big expensive package prices ones that is, and the student ones are sold out) on Sept 4th. I will go out on a limb and predict most of us have zero chance of getting in to this premiere lol.

Last but certainly not least and most noteworthy is word that FISH TANK, Andrea Arnolds (Sigma's Red Road) new film, will screen first on Friday, Sept 11 at 9pm, followed on the 12, then the 19th. More info here. Be sure to check out the recently launched website here.

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