Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jamie Sives TV Watch: The Commander Commands Your Presence

Captain Reynolds requests your presence for those at home this Friday at 9am and who have access to the Syfy channel for a rebroadcast of the classic Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw. Jamie Sives of course stars as the yummy Scottish commander who risks it all, fearlessly taking on the werewolf
OMG HES A HERO YES HE IS! :D yes yes of course I bought this episode from iTunes and lol have watched it several times, but this friday, nothing like a cuppa in the morning with the commander now eh? :0 wheeeeee!
Ps EXCELLENT opportunity to point out that with all those incredible videos on youtube now, the elusive & clearly in the know mr chossyman posted a great clip of Jamie in action from the show below :)

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