Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sigma Gets the Word Out

As summer draws to a close, its proving to be a very busy time for those at Sigma.

First on a Film City Glasgow note, there's been a marriage ... Awww! Yes, the Trifecta of awesome has now become a Dynamic Duo as Serious and Savalas are now as one :)) Proving that HELL YES INDEED INDEED FCG has it all, they two have now partnered to create an excellent and complete picture and sound post film service. Congratulations!!! and lol love match indeed ;)

Second, as noted before, Sigma's own David Mackenzie is about to embark on another film, this called "The Last Word," written by Kim Fupz Aakeson and will star of course Ewan McGregor (Young Adam). The film is well into pre-production, and is to be based out of Film City Glasgow. Little else is known other than Tom Sayers is back as production designer and I think the costume designer is the same; not sure if Kahleen Crawford is doing casting either-sorry folks who've emailed! Hopefully an IMDB page will soon arrive or something. While I am uncertain too how much location filming will take place in Glasgow, please as always, ANY INFO (even yes annoy) is welcomed at all times and I will be happy to post it here to help get the word!!! You can mail me too at
Frankly though, I do not believe there will be much coverage of this film, certainly not the hoopla paparazzi coverage like David's last film lol, as it will likely be a quick shoot through September, but I will endeavor to bring as much credible information when I can, stay tuned!

The ever impressive Gillian Berrie will be serving again as producer on the movie, and I hear things are indeed very busy and exciting as they prepare for the movie. I have little doubt that with Gillian behind the scenes again, this will be nothing but another great quality film from Sigma. Fingers crossed for a great shoot!
Related: For those who are relatively new to the blog, be sure to check out a candid interview with Gillian where she speaks to the great hurdles she, Sigma and frankly all Scottish filmmakers have to overcome to produce these quality films in Scotland. With recent news that Scottish Screen is being folded into Creative Scotland with a lessening of funding, plus the UK film council is facing its own battles, times are proving a hard slog for those esp in Scotland and notably Sigma Films who continue to churn out these fine, small yet superb pieces of films. Funding is a hell of a major issue, even long time actor James Cosmo (Braveheart, upcoming Rounding up Donkeys, Outcast w/James Nesbitt) voiced his concern, seen here in this video on STV. Sigma is creative in finding ways to get funding such as doing the last word with Zentropa but still, the future remains very uncertain to say the least!

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