Saturday, August 15, 2009

Valhalla Rising Feature in Total Film

Valhalla Rising is the subject of a four page feature in the September issue of Total Film magazine. This news comes courtesy of the Sunday Herald, which has a new interview with VH producer Karen Smyth. Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, and starring long time Sigma friend and great Mads Mikkelsen as well as JAMIE SIVES, Valhalla Rising was based at Film City Glasgow and is due to debut at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals next month. You can see a short excerpt of the Total Film piece here ----------------------------------------->

Scans forthcoming, but I'm betting my friends at Madsonline will have it sooner woot :) The Sunday Herald piece says that "Total Film describes it as "jaw-dropping," and continues:

Director Nicolas Winding Refn made Bronson, the recent biopic of the notorious long-term prisoner. Refn has given Valhalla Rising a dark, gritty, documentary feel, rather than the glossy values readily associated with historical epics. He shot last summer in Glen Affric in the Highlands and Glen Croe in Argyllshire. Cast and crew had to contend with atrocious weather, dense midge swarms, and lengthy journeys to mountain locations. "It was possibly the most arduous conditions I have ever filmed in in Scotland," said Karen Smyth, "but the results are phenomenal."The film-makers acquired a Viking longship from a re-enactment group in England, effectively refurbished it, and shot close-ups in a Govan boatyard and on the water at Glen Affric. Actors went on a course to learn how to row.

[OHO I seem to recall an earlier role for Mr. Sives who rowed in fine style, course he looked mighty fine the whole episode, even if he played a racist jerk paramedic lol :D]

Important were these wee nuggets buried at the end esp ABOUT HAVING A BRITISH DISTRIBUTOR

Toronto had originally offered to stage the film's world premiere. Then Venice expressed proposed a screening earlier in the month. Toronto were so keen to have the film that they settled for the North American premiere. "It's just unbelievable," said Smyth. "I think it's great for Scotland." Scottish Screen, the national film agency, has invested £500,000 of lottery money in it. Carole Sheridan, head of talent and creativity, said: "The film made a significant impact on Scotland's screen sector."Valhalla Rising already has a British distributor. Intended for release this year, it may now go in 2010 to allow for a more ambitious publicity campaign. AS REMINDER, please check out THE INTERVIEW WITH JAMIE SIVES who discusses working on Valhalla Rising HERE. For those inquiring minds, you can check out my extensive coverage on this film via this link; pics/scans here on my flickr, the Valhalla Rising video production diary here, the newest trailer below and the on set visit video from the great guys at Digital Guerillas here. I strongly recommend the great crew at MADS ONLINE for extensive pics of Mads.

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