Sunday, August 30, 2009

Film City Glasgow, Savalas, Dawn Steele, One Night in Emergency with Kevin McKidd Updates more

As we move into fall, Scottish Screen has now released another feature worth reading (the film version of course I posted about months ago). This newest one now features Scottish TV including some great updates,interviews and a closer look at some of the fine companies now part of the Film City Glasgow family. I have these up now on my flickr to read, or you can download the entire thing (large file warning!) here via this link (PDF). It was so great to see Tiernan Kelly and co highly praised by all the companies who are now located in that wonderful old Govan Town Hall in Glasgow, and are helping make Glasgow the flourishing new focus of film and television production in the UK.

Of interest is this new interview with Gregory Burke on the forthcoming Silver River production of "One Night in Emergency" starring Kevin McKidd, along with Jamie Sives, James Cosmo, Gary Lewis Ewan Bremner and more due later this fall on BBC.

Also very cool is a new interview with Kahl Henderson of Savalas Sound, part two is here. Savalas is of course one of the longtime trifecta of awesome at Film City Glasgow (now two lol), where Mr. Henderson talks about the importance of a post sound facility at FCG that offers top of the line facilites and production, thereby making the home of Sigma films all the more practical and a fabulous one stop choice when seeking a base for film production. We learn that indeed Savalas will be doing work on the recently completed Neds from the always wonderful Peter Mullan . You can also learn more about the new residents of Film City Glasgow including
KeoNorth and Crocodile Media,
Finestripe Productions
If there is someone else I should have added to this I fail and my apologies, please let me know what else needs a mention!

Finally, always very good to hear from the ever fabulous Dawn Steele, who of course starred as the much beloved Lexi in Monarch of the Glen with Alastair. Rock on Dawn, fingers crossed your luck with the new show holds out!

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