Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Advance Party Films: Red Road an Observer Best British Film; More From Sigma on Advance Party 2

Over the weekend, the UK Observer released results of a poll/survey on the latest take of the Best British Films. Coming in at number 20 was Sigma Films' great "Red Road." Part of the original Advance Party Film Series created in part by Sigma and Gillian Berrie, Red Road was directed by the superb Andrea Arnold ("Arnold’s feature debut confirmed her as a major film-making talent.") and stars the award winning Katie Dickie, Tony Curran and Martin Compston. In the accompanying Observer article, the excellent Trainspotting makes the number one spot (so many great actors: Ewan McGregor, Kevin McKidd, Ewan Bremner, James Cosmo, Peter Mullan, Bobby Carlyle, Shirley Henderson just amazing). A few of the panelists revealed their top ten lists including one of the stars of Red Road Natalie Press and director Kevin MacDonald (upcoming Eagle of the Ninth). Author Jonathan Coe even had Red Road in his top ten.

The original Advance Party 2 trilogy will see the release of number two: "Rounding Up Donkeys" with Kate Dickie reprising her role as Jackie, and as mentioned here several times previously, Sigma has now launched Advance Party 11, a new series of films, this with EIGHT films. As noted on the official Sigma Films website, Paul Wright, one of the directors involved in the new project, recently won an award for his excellent short film "Believe." You can learn more about this new project here, as well as in more detail from my post here and here.

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