Monday, September 21, 2009

(Updated w/More pics) Streets of Destruction: Report from Making of Last Word with Ewan McGregor and Eva Green

Movie -making is a messy business! Not only all the complicated financial dealings, juggling of weather, schedules, equipment (even egos lol) but phew Sigma Films are now causing havoc in the streets of Glasgow, Scotland ;0

Well not really, as the street of destruction as it were is part of scenes needed for David Mackenzie's Last Word starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. The Glasgow Evening times reports (with a wee photo) of the scene on Dalhouise Street on Saturday night as "Dalhousie Street in Garnethill was transformed into a debris-strewn neighbourhood for its part in apocalyptic love story The Last Word." The piece also says "The scenes, which feature a wandering horse, appear alongside part of a dramatic car chase. The film tells how two people fall in love as the world it gripped by a pandemic in which Scotland is sealed off from the rest of the world."

UPDATE: Check it out, via Werewegian on Flickr (they are his pics!) I spy Colin in the midst of that too lol AWESOME I CANT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!

I also heard they were at the Glasgow school of art filming AS ALWAYS ANY TIPS photos certainly are welcome and will gladly post.

Filming is set to continue for a few more weeks on Last Word. LW is being produced by Sigma's own Gillian Berrie, and is of course directed by the acclaimed David Mackenzie (also co-founder of Sigma films) Movie is based out of FILM CITY GLASGOW which will then quickly turn from home of post-apocalypse lovers to lost Roman legions as Kevin MacDonald and crew will move in for October-busy times indeed!

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