Thursday, September 17, 2009

David Mackenzie will Have Last Word as Sales of Film Start

Woot good news indeed for Sigma as Screen Daily reports that some early pre-sales of David Mackenzie's Last Word are a done deal. Trust Nordisk has been busy indeed as the magazine reports:

The lure of Eva Green and Ewan McGregor is leading to a flurry of pre-sales on TrustNordisk’s new drama, Last Word (working title). The film, directed by David Mackenzie and currently shooting in Glasgow, has now been sold to South Korea (Entremode), Benelux (Wild Bunch) and Greece (Seven Films.)

Its a start; lets just work on the UK and US ok /selfish fangirl moment.

In other news, thanks to the tip about Last Word location filming in Glasgow, Scotland near Cathedral Street this week (see below for the two Es pics :) I have zero idea how much longer they will be there, if EvaG is there (more likely her scenes will be in studio) or what scenes are being filmed but as always TIPS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME lol /shameless begging :)

ps Ewan is great but I LOVE JAMIE SIVES
and I LOVE SIGMA , all of it them and their work/world.
just felt like saying that for the record in case there was any doubt :)


  1. hey there stunning blog ~ does anyone have a date for the airing of "One Night In Emegency" Kevin McKidd and Jamie Sives together once again woohoo

    would appreciate any info on this production

    tks Lee ;-)

  2. Hey Lee!
    All I know right now is 'this fall on BBC' but am trying to find a firm date for sure and will post it asap..or some kind soul will see this q and let us know soon :)

    Thanks much for stopping by!

  3. thanks so much Sue..Ill be sure to keep an eye on this site ;-)