Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

UPDATE: Check out this interesting, reflective podcast with discussion on Mads, Refn and Valhalla Rising

While filming in the highlands may be like 'walking to the land of Mordor' says Mads lolol, its this other advice (from dvdtown who did not like the movie) in regards to Valhalla Rising which cracked me up and earns my quote of the day (month lol)

Mikkelsen advised the audience to "light that imaginary joint" before watching the movie, and that probably would have helped

Trippin and chilling with Mads and Jamie Sives: hell yes ;D
As a reminder, here is the video diary entry that we learn about the 'acid tripping scene-we also learn that Jamie has a girlfriend which made me a sad panda to say the least, but you can see how they deliberately incorporated that scene(s) in the film

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