Friday, September 4, 2009

Press report from Venice: "World Ignores Mikklesen Again"

There are days when the press just truly breaks my heart...witness header of this story in I believe a Danish paper : "The World Press Ignored Mikkelsen -again...subheader:It was not exactly an attraction when Mads Mikkelsen and the team behind 'Valhalla Rising' presented itself in Venice. a stake thru my heart good lord :(
Here are excerpts of the interview on Valhalla Rising....
(via the handy translation on google)

"Not very many have found their way to the official press conference in the wake of the press view of the most unusual films Vikings 'Valhalla Rising'. The entire world press counts less than ten representatives, since the press conference starts, so the moderator A. Pezzola are scrambling to find issues that can break the silence in the high-ceilinged hall.

'This film has been very different to do in relation to the other films we've made together ", says actor Mads Mikkelsen for his collaboration with' Pusher' director Nicolas Winding Refn.

Mads Mikkelsen: We created an animal
About his silent figure who has great tattoos and ax as his favorite weapon, "explains Mads Mikkelsen.'This figure is not a person. He is a myth. We created an animal rather than human '. Mads Mikkelsen adds that this OneEye rather a mirror as the other people in the movie mirrored in. Usually shortly before they get violent days, one might add. A fate that is not exactly a rarity in a film by Nicolas Winding Refn.

There may be several explanations for the low turnout.With smaller films are hovedkurrencen, it is usually only American film star and Italian home movies that could really fill the hall. Many journalists later in the day to make 'real' interview with Mikkelsen & Refn, so they do not need to go to a news conference. But it may also play into that enthusiasm for the film is restrained among journalists. At least judging from a small sample testing among a handful of European cinema journalists.

The European journalists give the movie, plus points for its strong visual style, but is generally both violent and foggy. Nor is it a film that does much to explain its deeper meaning is. And violently much wiser are not at the press conference.

The question of what the movie actually say about the relationship between Christianity and paganism are only answered so roughly by the famous Norwegian author Roy Jacobsen, who was in charge of the manuscript. It claims that the constant and very creative and interesting fights with Mads Mikkelsen and Nicolas Winding Refn. "We wanted to create a myth. We would not always answer questions. One-Eyes history is actually the entire history of mankind condensed. But he is also just a man, "says Jacobsen.

Winding Refn add anything about that religion tends to make a lot of trouble in the world. But is not done much already to the intentions, so no one can doubt the Winding Refn enthusiasm. "Every time I make a movie, I do it as if it were my last film, he says. "When you have to raise money for a movie, then we lie a lot", he explains. And then hope can actually deliver what they promised.

En brutal film A brutal film
On the question of whether 'Apocalypse Now' has been an inspiration for 'Valhalla Rising's journey into the heart of darkness, he answered in the affirmative in this way: "I'm cineast and it is as cineast I make movies. 'Valhalla Rising' is very much a melting pot of all the films I grew up with, "says Refn.

Against this background, it probably comes as a surprising for most, since the Danish director with a little smile comes to this pious wish: "To be allowed to make a romantic comedy is my dearest wish. A romantic comedy. With Mads Mikkelsen.

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