Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jamie Bell Comments on Pending Actors Guild Strike, Future Movies on Hold and More

MoviesOnline has posted a new interview with actor Jamie Bell (Mister Hallam Foe). The bulk of the article focuses on his upcoming "Defiance" film (which has some good comments on co-stars Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber) but of interest are comments at the end regarding the looming Screen Actor's guild strike and the impact of the economy plus a possible strike on his future new movies. Quotage as follows:

MoviesOnline: What do you have coming up?

JAMIE BELL: There’s a lot of things that were supposed to go this year, especially early this year and then late this year. And then we all kind of found ourselves in a global economic downturn and now nothing’s being made. Everything is on the runway waiting for the tower to clear it and as usual they’ll all get cleared at the same time and then we’ll end up doing absolutely nothing.

MoviesOnline: What about the possibility of the actors going on strike?

JAMIE BELL: It’s ridiculous.

MoviesOnline: Do you think once that’s resolved the floodgates will open?

JAMIE BELL: I hope so. I really do. I don’t know what my position is on any of that, really. I just know it’s a pretty bad time right now for a lot of people and a lot of people don’t have any jobs and a lot of people are running out of money and people need to get back to work -- across the board, everywhere, all over the world, not just the entertainment industry. But a strike right now seems utter lunacy to me.

Couldnt agree more, but I am uncertain of all the nuances behind the potential strike. I fully realise things are horrible for many, and its only going to get worse before we will turn things around-and they WILL TURN- but in the meantime art will continue to suffer. Many of my friends have seen lay offs galore, the publishing industry is cutting back terribly as well-leisure items the first to suffer and people just dont buy books or go out to cinemas (at 10 a pop no less!) during times like this, so hence the arts and worlds I know are hit hard. Having talked to my friend Helge and the things she has seen around her-I do worry so. Im certain its the same in the UK and Scotland esp-worry very much if David will get to make Stain in the Snow, or Rounding Donkeys will ever see the light of a cinema, or Colin's Luci film will make it too-let alone these good folk will have jobs to support them in the months ahead.

To end on a positive note, Jamie did reference slightly Hallam Foe, and working on accents:

MoviesOnline: You’ve done accent work before, is that something that comes relatively naturally for you at this point?

JAMIE BELL: You have to. Being a Brit, it’s like you have to get rid of the accent quickly. Pretty much everything I’ve ever done there’s always an accent and it becomes the same ritual, just the different sound in the end.

MoviesOnline: Are any easier or harder at this point?

JAMIE BELL: Generic American is like you can just click your brain and you start doing it, it’s pretty good. But I did Scottish recently which was a challenge, a real challenge because – what was it that I wanted to slip into? Oh no, it was this one, I did Scottish and then doing this kind of accent I almost wanted to slip immediately back into Scottish, because there are certain vowel sounds that kind of sound the same for some reason. Liev and Daniel had to learn another language, which is a little different.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Video: Jamie Bell talks Defiance

So the big holiday movie push is on, and there has been a slew of promos/interviews for Defiance. Unfortunately early reviews for the film are not good (my friends at rotten tomatoes have it listed with only 42 Anyway, was surfing about and stumbled over a new video interview on with Jamie Bell (Sigma Film's Mister Hallam Foe). Always nice to get to watch Jamie, regardless of what film he is in, such a poised young man and always interesting to listen to what he has to say). Bit disappointed in the Defiance official website-theyve made it into some sort of GAME. god almighty. just NO NO NO but I will save that rant for another day

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sizzling Hot Sigma and Sives Sundays

Winter has hit full blast, at least where I am located in the US. Several feet of snow over the past few days, windchills below zero have made this sweetie not so sunny, and longing for warmer places. While that isnt on the agenda at the moment, guess I will have to do with some silliness ..and perhaps some Jamie Sives to heat things up for the moment :D lol lame ass I know, give me a break! lol brain is frozen from the cold!

Right, so first of all, because there is little else at the moment, two sweeties sorta related to Sigma are HOT HOT HOT SCOTS...or according to the Daily Record!
Actress exceptional KATIE DICKIE is on the Daily Record's HOT 100: the women to watch in 2009.

The paper notes:
Best-known for her role as Jackie in her debut film Red Road, East Kilbride-born Kate Dickie is a five-time awardwinning actress.
she has been praised for her willingness to play provoking scenes.

YES LET'S WATCH HER IN ROUNDING UP DONKEYS which she will kick ass again this year please! Man oh man, I want to hear some news on this film soon! good grief, I feel like the only person out there that cares. eep! Anyway, I keep hoping and praying the film is going to debut screen at Berlinale or someplace awesome again-Sigma always has the best luck in Berlin, heres hoping something breaks good for Sigma soon on this front with DONKEYS!

Also on the list is casting director KAHLEEN CRAWFORD(who has worked quite closely and frequently with Sigma Films over the years, getting a boost from the uber awesome and great role model Gillian Berrie, seriously I admire her!) Daily Record writes of Kahleen :20 KAHLEEN CRAWFORD
Kahleen, 29, is a casting director from Glasgow who has worked with directors such as Ken Loach to find the hottest talent.
she casts for shows such as River City. Based at Film City Glasgow, she is now selecting for lots of hot new indie films.

YES INDIE FILMS LIKE RED ROAD SEQUEL/ ADVANCE PARTY FILM: ROUNDING UP DONKEYS!!! *senses broken record rant begging ahead re info for film, decides to shut it for now :p *

Both are women with careers on the rise, (and Im sure many would consider them good looking too!) Over on the Hot Scot Man list: No direct Sigma ties, but there are mentions of those who have worked with Sigma in one form or another including Alex Kapranos, Kevin McKidd, the omni present Gerard Butler who starred in Sigmas wonderful Dear Frankie but GBs fangirls are so so so many and so intense about their Gerry, so I deliberately am avoiding writing too much about Mr Butler cause they will squish me flat lol and well they have it all covered, not much I could add there. Also there is someone on the list at 49 named Sanjeev Kohli where the paper mentions radio and comedy of some sort; there is a person of the same name who is appearing in Sigma Films/Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci, but I have no idea if it is the same man at all-sorry I fail, but I honestly cant be certain so sorry if it is and Im clueless :(
Anyway scores more on that list who have in one form or another worked with someone who worked etc but still NO Jamie Sives- booo! or David or Alastair or Colin. seriously now, wth? oversight city imo. I had intended to make one sunday a month post dedicated just to Jamie, my personal choice for Hot Scot to look for in 2009 ...well hot all the way around, but I digress.

So here is a blast from the past... Jamie did some work in some short films, which is always good -look at Sigma's track record, and look how great I Love Luci is going to be for Colin! Thus, via the ever amazing youtube, I dug up this short clip of a younger (and OK HOT LOOKING :P) Jamie in a fun short film called "The Knickerman" (Jamie stars as a traveling salesman who brings colorful knickers and more-oh ho! to a small town in the uk lol) guess what...hes got that goofy beard thing going on here too lolol LOVE YOU JAMIE!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alastair Mackenzie Touring with Royal Scottish National Orchestra for Snowman Narration

Ho Ho HO! More Holiday treats, this one from the Laird himself. :D
Actor (and Sigma Films' own) Alastair Mackenzie is making some live appearances this week, performing in select places with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Alastair is providing the narration to Raymond Brigg's classic The Snowman with the RSNO this week, making stops throughout Scotland, including Glasgow this weekend. You can see a video promoting this concert event, and Alastair's narration here via the Orchestra website.

Tickets still remain for his appearance on Saturday, December 20 at 7:30pm at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. If you are lucky enough to be in the area, more info and tickets can be purchased via this link. ENJOY!!!!

Press reports on earlier performances this week include this from the Courier, and the Herald who gave good marks to Alastair: The programme also featured a hauntingly poignant performance of The Snowman, beautifully narrated by actor Alastair Mackenzie, with flawless singing by the RSNO Juniors. But among all the Christmas beauties, the nonsense, the hilarity and the sense of fun that characterised the show, there was one real revelation: the sheer quality, enhanced by the Caird Hall's glorious acoustic, of the RSNO Junior Chorus, especially in their performances of Panis Angelicus and Adolphe Adam's O Holy Night.

Edit to add obligatory Archie video from beloved Monarch of the Glen.
Guilty pleasure, my love of the Christmas song by Mariah Carey-and yea totally they play it to death these two songs, but admit it, its catchy bouncy song about wanting love at Christmas which we all have wished for at one point or another oh yes you have!
Anyway, someone set it to a montage of the great Archie/Lexie ship of love that will never sink! :) wheeeeee

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

January 17 Premiere Date Set at Sundance for David Mackenzie's "Spread" Starring Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche

The Sundance Film Festival has updated their website with the screening dates, including the premiere of David Mackenzie's new film "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche.

The premiere will be Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 9:15 p.m followed the next morning with a screening on January 18, 2009 at 9:15 a.m One final showing will be held January 22 at 9:00 pm.

Tickets go on sale to the public starting January 12

The Running time of the film is listed at 97 minutes long, with a new description of the film as follows:

Los Angeles is often the customary site for mythmaking in the American cultural iconography. It is a place, for instance, where the legend of the sexual exploits of the male gigolo seems perfectly at home in the decadent universe of Hollywood dreams and nightmares. Surely inspired by the classic tradition of American Gigolo and Shampoo, Spread is such a perfectly tuned, contemporary depiction of the trials and tribulations of sleeping your way to wealth and success that, guilty pleasure or not, it’s irresistible. Especially so since it’s driven by the iconic persona of Ashton Kutcher, who plays Nikki and breathes the charged sexuality, fashion and hipness, and sense of entitlement of the sexual grifter as if he were born to it. Stylishly directed by David MacKenzie (Hallam Foe, Young Adam), Spread is a moral tale in a very-modern sense with its characters of a young man and his middle-aged, well-to-do client (played by Anne Heche), his various associates and conquests, and a waitress whom he begins to really care about (unbeknownst to him, she is playing the same game). The world of money, sex, and privilege is an ephemeral one, and the fall can be as sudden as the ascent. Spread is a finely crafted vision of ambition, indulgence, vanity, and self-realization that epitomizes the lifestyle of a fabled Mecca.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smile! Your Teeth are Missing!


*ahem* Pardon that temporary rambling LOL as the header of the official Sigma Blog has been taken over by the dread red rooster pic again. lol. And YES, I am sole person I predict that pays attention to completely insignificant things like this but there you go ;P

Right, speaking of pics, I've made it my mission to continue the dialogue on Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci for as long as I can (and it gets to screen at say Cannes or somewhere awesome, which it totally will cause I believe.)

Thus, in effort to do so, there are currently some FABULOUS set photos and making-of pics on the Facebook group for Luci (join join join!) As it's holiday time and there is lots of picture taking afoot, which requires lots of smiling, there is a great photo of the lead actress in Luci, Camilla Rutherford, smiling....and showing her missing teeth. :D

Now as we know Camilla is a lovely beautiful actress in 'real' life, and normally would not look like this naturally. I remember writing earlier this year about teeth lol, after Colin talked about a quest he had for special teeth via his official I Love Luci blog. He did not give too much away then, only mentioning a need for false teeth, plus one of the location scouting photos was of someplace relating to those pearly chompers. Coupled with the summary floating about of the film, Now NOW we can see how all of this has come into play. Smile :D

Btw the current article on the I Love Luci blog is about a possible sorta well not really mention of Luci in the press (well, there entire lack of mention of the name of the film MEH... FAIL TELEGRAPH) This example of inaccuracy on Camilla's role, while not life altering of course, makes me sad again for the blunders my profession can make and does make all the time. My thesis for my Doctorate is about sourcing in journalism and ties into crap reporting like that. alas.

ps I believe the above photo is courtesy of Nicole Stafford who is the makeup artist for the film I think. Man, I need a crew list or should make one here or something! Oohh a light bulb is going off in my dim fangirls head...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Look: Anne Heche in David Mackenzie/Ashton Kutcher "Spread"

Another holiday treat in store today as we now have our first look at actress Anne Heche in David Mackenzie's Spread, which stars Ashton Kutcher. Courtesy of the kind folks at Katalyst Films, we can see a lovely Anne here:

There are also a few of her poolside, looking glamourous and sexy. Also online are larger photos of Ashton looking good in the film including that great pic of the the
Three Faces of Ashton or in this case his character of NIKKI . I just love David, and when I see pics like this, a glimmer of hope is kindled that this film is not going to be a lame ass punked thing or anysuch nonsense.

Weird thing too, despite my not caring for those suspenders Ashton is sporting in this movie, the colors they chose for all the wardrobes look very very good I have to say...dunno why that matters one whit, but it was something that caught my eye when I was looking at the pics. I've also uploaded them all on my flickr-including others of the cast (everyone in that film is so good looking-unfair lol) and yes of course THE PICS ARE THE PROPERTY OF KATALYST FILMS, but you can check them out here!

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Photos from David Mackenzie's/Ashton Kutcher "Spread"

Following up on the early report about Spread showing at Sundance: Tis Confirmed!
As announced by the Sundance Film Festival, David Mackenzie's new film "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher will have its world premiere at the Sundance Film festival in mid January, 2009 (non-competition category)


fan who is so hoping tickets will be available and affordable to this!
*crosses fingers*
not able to get press creds this year for it, so I would be journeying there solo, and thats a pricey/sorta scary thing, but would so be worth it just to see this at the premiere and hopefully see David!

Speaking of this film, has been lucky enough to get some new pics of Ashton from "Spread." Wearing those dreadful suspenders we saw via production pics earlier this spring, I have to say he looks kinda good but still eh eh uummm no to those suspenders.

The article has that new poster I mentioned last week, now only in a larger size (and ANNA- that poster still has that crappola teaser line boooo!)
As for the photos, I quite liked the three shades of Ashton K pic as he looks in a tri fold mirror. NICE SHOT DAVID! and/or set photographer!

No word what the exact screening date will be, and Im not paying to get tickets early on my own lol but will post on all of that when I can. Its going to be a great start to a new year, and hopefully a great one for David and Sigma Films~

Mister Hallam Foe, A National Board of Review Top Independent Film

Back from yet another whirling (yet very festive) weekend in New York, and dreadfully behind on just about everything...yet again. More great news awaited, and this one in particular is very satisfying:

The National Board of Review has released their annual awards, along with their top ten lists. A Sigma Films production and directed by David Mackenzie, Mister Foe is listed as one of the Top Independent Films of the Year!

Quite the compliment I should think, not mention the fine (and in some cases very fine) films on the list, which is follows (per Awards Daily):

  • MR. FOE

Now, there were no other nominations or individual recognition for Mr. Foe for the main awards (generally one of the harbingers of the increasingly long Oscars warm up season). Still I find this to be just terrific news, for this does have a bit of weight I think, or at least some casual film goers will think heh heh ok good stuff...which of course it is. I firmly believe David will be accepting a Best Picture/Best Director Oscar one day! In the meantime, it surely is a heartwarming and satisfying or more importantly hopeful and reassuring that hope is not lost in Hollywood, to know that the various film bodies, such as this group of film historians and teachers/student, are willing to take the time and effort to view these smaller quality pieces, and acknowledge them publicly...So yea this is great stuff and hell yea, GO HALLAM GO

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Short and Sweet Sigma News

Hodgepodge (yet cool) bits of Sigma Films related notes and news today...
....Johnny Barrington, director of a Sigma Film short "Terra Firma" got a nice mention regarding recent screening of film at the Inverness Film Festival:It is always exciting to see ongoing creative development in short filmmaking, and Johnny Barrington’s Terra Firma represents a distillation in terms of style, narrative and emotional depth. The progression from previous films such as Shell, Trawler and Trout is clearly visible, and movement to feature films seems inevitable.............

.........LoL Crawley, DoP on Sigma's upcoming Rounding up Donkeys got a nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards last night. Mr. Crawley is previous winner at Sundance for his work on Ballast (nice comments from the director of B on Mr. Crawley here via Indie Wire)......................

............Luci has moved into the editing phase. Colin Kennedy updated his official blog on his new short for Sigma, I Love Luci, noting that he and producer Brian Coffey have called in old friend Jake Roberts to cut his film. Mr. Roberts worked on Sigmas Sommersault, The Last Great Wilderness, worked with David Mackenzie on Asylum as well. Bonus news that yes indeed work is being done at Film City Glasgow, with Savalas, one of the Trifecta of S to handle work for the sound...............

.........not really Sigma related, but cool news anyway cause I cant bloody well wait: Pre-orders now available for FRANZ FERDINAND's new CD via iTunes. New Single also available Ulysses. As I seem to be the only one who cares much, its worth repeating yet again this new disc was recorded at Film City Glasgow and am very grateful for the band and certain fans for uploading video of this earlier in the year! Speaking of Franz on Youtube, good footage of secret gig on the 1st in London at a place called Durr. Fffing great stuff here and here. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!(Snow Patrol and Sons and Daughters are equally made of AWESOME too)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reminder: David Mackenzie to hold Q & A on Hallam Foe at Cromarty Film Festival This Weekend

A quick reminder/update for those lucky enough to be in the UK and have a chance to attend the Cromarty Film Festival this weekend. According to the schedule, Sigma Films' own David Mackenzie will be introducing the screening of his wonderful Hallam Foe film, with a Q & A scheduled to follow as part of the event on Friday, December 5 (19:00 Resolis Memorial Hall). Then on Saturday, December 6, David will be introducing the film he selected which is the Nicholson classic "The Last Detail" (16:30 Cromarty Old Brewery).

A word on the venues: In the description of Resolis Hall it reads the following about David: esolis Hall
About ten minutes drive from Cromarty, Resolis Hall is a well-known location for art performances and enjoys a lively and supportive community. This year, Resolis Hall will play host to 2 well-known film directors, Michael Caton-Jones and David MacKenzie, who have been especially invited to come and talk about their work, their films and their influences.

Sounds great! Hoping its a good event (and forever hoping some kind soul will have some pity and write a report/pics with a mention of David. Man oh man I am still so crushed I did not know about the screening q & A of Mister foe in LA-would have make travel arrangements and organized a fan group showing or something. anyway whats that cliche-hope springs eternal and hoping I get to attend something like this with my fave director in person just once in my life! Plus I swear I will do everything in my power to go if Colin ever holds one of these events for his film (s)!)