Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Look: Anne Heche in David Mackenzie/Ashton Kutcher "Spread"

Another holiday treat in store today as we now have our first look at actress Anne Heche in David Mackenzie's Spread, which stars Ashton Kutcher. Courtesy of the kind folks at Katalyst Films, we can see a lovely Anne here:

There are also a few of her poolside, looking glamourous and sexy. Also online are larger photos of Ashton looking good in the film including that great pic of the the
Three Faces of Ashton or in this case his character of NIKKI . I just love David, and when I see pics like this, a glimmer of hope is kindled that this film is not going to be a lame ass punked thing or anysuch nonsense.

Weird thing too, despite my not caring for those suspenders Ashton is sporting in this movie, the colors they chose for all the wardrobes look very very good I have to say...dunno why that matters one whit, but it was something that caught my eye when I was looking at the pics. I've also uploaded them all on my flickr-including others of the cast (everyone in that film is so good looking-unfair lol) and yes of course THE PICS ARE THE PROPERTY OF KATALYST FILMS, but you can check them out here!

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