Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reminder: David Mackenzie to hold Q & A on Hallam Foe at Cromarty Film Festival This Weekend

A quick reminder/update for those lucky enough to be in the UK and have a chance to attend the Cromarty Film Festival this weekend. According to the schedule, Sigma Films' own David Mackenzie will be introducing the screening of his wonderful Hallam Foe film, with a Q & A scheduled to follow as part of the event on Friday, December 5 (19:00 Resolis Memorial Hall). Then on Saturday, December 6, David will be introducing the film he selected which is the Nicholson classic "The Last Detail" (16:30 Cromarty Old Brewery).

A word on the venues: In the description of Resolis Hall it reads the following about David: esolis Hall
About ten minutes drive from Cromarty, Resolis Hall is a well-known location for art performances and enjoys a lively and supportive community. This year, Resolis Hall will play host to 2 well-known film directors, Michael Caton-Jones and David MacKenzie, who have been especially invited to come and talk about their work, their films and their influences.

Sounds great! Hoping its a good event (and forever hoping some kind soul will have some pity and write a report/pics with a mention of David. Man oh man I am still so crushed I did not know about the screening q & A of Mister foe in LA-would have make travel arrangements and organized a fan group showing or something. anyway whats that cliche-hope springs eternal and hoping I get to attend something like this with my fave director in person just once in my life! Plus I swear I will do everything in my power to go if Colin ever holds one of these events for his film (s)!)

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