Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Look at Luci: From Stills to Screen

Holiday treats abound for sure, as there is a new update that filming is complete on Luci! CONGRATULATIONS COLIN AND CO!
Bonus tho is word there are some great new stills from the production of Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci online today! Colin started an I Love Luci group on the ever awesome Facebook (it's open to all, dont be shy, I joined lol shock i know, so check it out!) There, you can see the first photos from the shoot!

Yay! I was really happy to see that today,
including this wonderful photo of Colin directing his stars, as well as
the one from DoP Derrick Peters
who shot a very cool pic of Colin and crew with a closeup-LOVE

As such (Please dont be pissed at me Colin oy! BUT I HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT THIS) there is something very cool that caught my eye.

Along with our first look at the leads Camilla Rutherford and Colin Harris and Wilson/Luci in action lol, the part that honestly appealled to me was how you can compare the prep work to a scene in production for the film. In addition to writing a screenplay, the part that truly fascinates me the most is locations used in films, and I'm honest to god thinking of chucking all this news stuff to the retirement bin and looking into this part of the film industry and learn more about it. Anyway, Colin had posted up on flickr some great early location scouting pics of locales he was thinking of using for this short film, I Love Luci. So here is what is cool-we can now see how they've taken these and are filming there. Witness:
Fight scene scouting pic from Colin Kennedy:
To the production stills by Pete Murphy for the I Love Luci group photos with Colin Harris, Camilla Rutherford filming a scene under the direction of Colin.
Now to a dorkette like me I think this is hugely cool, and yea totally I realise that this type of posting is purely twee fangirl drivel, but frankly too, tis a good example of how a location can work within a scene. I do a lot of archaeology as a hobby, and my favorite part is the reconstruction-what did the inhabitants do think act. I like this part of location- what can you do with a scene,how will it work as a backdrop, will it enhance help convey the proper environment attitude emotion of the moment. So too do I wonder what is going on here- look at the urgency on their faces, what is amiss etc? I LOVE THIS type of stuff! yes!

So right, be sure to follow the getyourpeople/iloveluci blog for more pics including some cool ones of Sigmas own Brian Coffey (producer on Luci), updates from Colin and more, and while you are at it, check out the facebook groups for Friends of Sigma Films and now I love luci, plus I think FilmCityGlasgow pretty cool too!
Rock on Luci! :))

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