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David Mackenzie's "Spread" Starring Ashton Kutcher to Premiere at Sundance?

Later this week, the fabled Sundance Film Festival is set to unveil some of the many movies that will be screening at their event at the end of January 2009. Naturally a few reports have surfaced online about a few of said films, including ones from Reuters and slashFilm, both which had a nugget that really caught my attention: "Spread" the new film starring Ashton Kutcher and directed by Sigma Films own great David Mackenzie is apparently due to have a premiere at the festival.

Yes! I am so going there I cant even believe my good luck! This would be such great news if true, just have to wait to see if its officially reported later this week. The Reuters/Hollywood reporter article states that "some potential Sundance entries already are beginning to generate talk ahead of next week's slate announcement. Ashton Kutcher's raunch comedy "Spread," Endgame Entertainment's '60s coming-of-age story "An Education," Shana Feste's lost-child drama "The Greatest" and Antoine Fuqua's cop tale "Brooklyn's Finest" are setting tongues wagging"

Slash film elaborates on that hideous dumb ass phrase "raunchy comedy" bleh with the following:

David Mackenzie’s (Mister Foe) raunchy sex comedy about a serial womanizer and his jilted lover. Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche star (Jennifer Jason Leigh was originally attached). Early word is that Heche has some sort of nude scene.

I absolutely refuse REFUSE to believe that David is putting his name on a film that is blatantly 'raunchy'. Sure David does sex scenes, well done and often uncomfortable true enough, but raunchy? ...sigh Besides this may be sorta predictable, but Ashton has given earlier interviews and I got the impression (perhaps just hope on my part) that this was going to be an honest reflection sorta of his past player life in Hollywood, yet step above for him..Regardless the r word is one I am refusing to believe for the time being /stubborn fangirl rant.

Anyway, over at Voltage pictures it seems a new poster has surfaced, this of Ashton soaking in the pool with the less than stellar tagline 'it's a business doing pleasure.'
Eh eh can we try again with that maybe please?
Also there is a new photo of Ashton walking by the pool- Im almost certain I posted some of the pics from the omnipresent paps pics taken during filming during or around these scenes, I'm going ot go look that up. But in the meantime SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS of a sort as there is a new and longer synopsis of the film now available.

Freeloading, perennial womanizer Jason (Ashton Kutcher) is at a trendy L.A. nightclub looking for his next target. His usual targets? Older, successful women looking for company … or sex. On this night, his eyes lock on Samantha, an attractive, successful attorney. He approaches her and feeds her his usual lines. With a little prodding, the two are soon on their way to her place.
At her stylish home, Jason heads into the next phase of his seduction and they quickly jump into bed. In the morning, Samantha (Anne Heche) heads off to work at her law firm, while Jason, on the other hand, spends the day lounging by Samantha's pool. When Samantha returns home, she is surprised to find Jason still there but before she can kick him out, Jason surprises her with a romantic dinner. She succumbs to his charms and weeks later, Jason is still living at Samantha's. But after Samantha catches Jason in a compromising position with a wildly attractive brunette, Samantha tells him to cut the act and they soon clear the air about their relationship. They are simply "friends with benefits.” Samantha is fine with the situation and Jason can stay.
In the following weeks, Jason’s role as Samantha’s gigolo continues … until Jason meets Heather, a sexy and intelligent waitress at a coffee shop. Jason is instantly smitten, especially when his usual moves don’t work. Eventually, posing as a high-powered lawyer, Jason charms her into a date and they get along famously. But Heather is a woman after Jason’s own heart. She is also sleeping with a wealthy restaurateur for his money, in addition to having a boyfriend, Will, who is an heir living in New York.
Finally getting a taste of his own medicine, Jason becomes fixated with Heather. But when Heather leaves for New York to figure out her relationship with Will, Jason must choose between his cushy life with Samantha or give up his philandering ways and take a chance on a life with a woman who challenges him. Even if Jason chooses Heather, can she accept who he really is? Or will she choose the safer path with Will?

I am going to try and get some some info/press pics etc out of Ashtons company, perhaps they will be cooler to bloggers and nontraditional media (read wont piss in my face like Magnolia did and Independent Film sales who never answered :(((

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  1. Raunch? Raunch comedy? What is it with the word "raunch" these days? It's getting to be a bit overused - advertisers of SPREAD take note.

    Geez & good grief!

    I completely agree, Sue, that such a trivializing - deliberately provocative - word does not do justice to the INTELLIGENT!!!! portrayal of SEX in David M's films. But of course, we Americans are forever incapable of considering sex with anything other than an adolescent mentality. And our manner of advertising films only accentuates this.

    Just look what we did to the dvd cover of HFoe.

    O I could go on & on - but I will spare you - I know I am preaching to the choir!

    Best, anna