Sunday, November 9, 2008

David Mackenzie Contributes, will be Guest at Cromarty Film Festival

Director David Mackenzie will be a guest at the Cromarty Film Festival, due to be held next month December 5-7 in Scotland. According to the Press and Journal, the festival "theme will be “My Favourite Film” and will feature movies picked out by 10 guests including broadcaster Kirsty Wark, BBC DJ Janice Forsyth, and David Mackenzie, a director of Hallam Foe and Young Adam.

Films including Finding Nemo and Whale Rider will be screened for children at the lighthouse field station.

Tony Farquhar-Smith, one of the animators from Corpse Bride, will also bring along some of the puppets used in the film, and will give a demonstration and talk on the ups and downs of animation."

One fun event is due to be held later this month in advance of the film festival where "the ferry that regularly crosses the Cromarty Firth during the summer will host a tiny, floating drive-in cinema. It will launch the second Cromarty Film Festival and organisers believe it will be the world’s smallest drive-in picture house. They have picked cult 1950s Scottish film, The Maggie, to show on the ferry, which travels between Cromarty and Nigg, after ruling out any disaster-at-sea movie.

Film director Don Coutts, who lives at Cromarty and helps run the festival, said: “We wanted a sea-themed film but decided against Titanic or The Poseidon Adventure. No need to frighten the audience.”

Up to 10 film fans will be able to watch from the warmth of their own cars but another 10 foot passengers will have to brave the weather to see the screening."

LOL! No word if David will be among those sailing the seas to see the film :)
I had no idea where Cromarty is located, but after looking it up (here via one of my fave sites: Undiscovered Scotland), learned it is up near Inverness, which surely looks to be a beautiful and I would very much like to visit there one day. Visiting the Highlands is definitely high on the wishlist/agenda , and this Cromarty does look so lovely but burrrrr I bet its plenty (read hella too cold) in the winter. According to the festival site the city "has only 720 residents, no through road, a wonderful pizza restaurant, a great bakery, two pubs, two museums and more artists and musicians than you can shake a stick at." Rock on! very cool that David helped contribute to this festival, hope they post some pics!

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