Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally, Mister Foe DVD is Here

Sorry for the long delay in posting, life continues to interrupt my blogging fun- curses :P

Well one glorious week ago, my long awaited MISTER FOE DVD arrived promptly in the am from Amazon. I've watched the film several times now enjoying it more and more, luxuriating in the ability to watch a scene at my choosing, thinking back on some of the scenes Colin blogged about via GetYourPeople while filming and being able to pause it at that moment, marveling again at David's astonishing eye, demand and command of detail revealed with Giles superb cinematography-I MUST GO TO EDINBURGH SOOOON; all in all reveling in countless fangirl moments becoming enchanted with the movie all over again.

Super joyful moment: TWO OF Colin Kennedy's WONDERFUL podcasts/behind the scenes features made it to the disc! woot! Sure I have them already on my iPod, but still its a thrill to see them playing up on my Sony Bravia high def TV! woot! Not sure why Magnolia couldnt suck it up and put all of it on there- such a wonderful look and behind the scenes look at the making- surely the Jamie Bell fans alone would have reveled in it! whatever, at least there was this and I was glad to have that at least.

Also a couple deleted scenes- some in particular lovely camera movements following Hallam through the house, showing his relationship more with both his sister and his father. Not sure why these were deleted, would love to hear David's thoughts on why this was cut.

UBER WHINEY SELFISH MOMENT: NO DIRECTORS COMMENTARY- boooooooo! Stab stab stab through the heart again, I am deprived yet again of the opportunity to hear the thoughts of my favorite director on his work. What the hell? *slaps hand on head* Dear Magnolia, why why was this not included? WHY????? You just hate me right? :P Seriously though, when the filmgoing audience has the opportunity to hear someone of the high calibre and true visionary outlook that David has, why on earth was this not included. Man oh man, the UK DVD has more than this. baaaah.
I guess I will have to go buy the UK version just to hear it but it will be worth it-still a final piss on you move from Mag I guess heh.

Positive notes: Not sure how well the sales are going but the reviews seem to be mostly positive so far. Even Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+ which considering they didnt like the movie lol, this is good. Also the other day I happened to stumble over an older but nice review from Jeffery Lyons at Reel talk and they were very enthusiastic about the movie, worth a look if you are into watching these types of reviews.

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  1. No commentary? That's disappointing. I guess it's probably not worth asking why. But it truly escapes me why these things are so complicated - but what do I know?