Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perfect Sense Starts to Open World Wide; Opens in Turkey Next Month

David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" begins to open world wide as film fans in Turkey will be able to see the newest film starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green when it opens on 26 August. As such, there is a new website for the film, as well as a Facebook page, which has 15 mostly new pics in gorgeous high res for download. Terrific!

Love this photo-vintage David, and one of the reasons I consider him a true visual artist, just gorgeous

You Instead, Perfect Sense to Screen at Chichester Film Festival

Summer is in full swing, and so are stops for Sigma at film festivals all around. This week of course is Motovun; now there is word today as You Instead and Perfect Sense will both screen next month at Chichester Film Festival. Tickets are now available for the weekend screening next month as follows:

YOU INSTEAD 24, 25 August
PERFECT SENSE 27, 28 August

ps. The festival, sponsored by (UK) Screen south is doing a special tribute to the late great Pete Postlethwaithe, who was truly an A class actor; will be sorely missed.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jamie Sives Fans! Pre-Order Game of Thrones DVD

Season two on HBO's acclaimed hit series Game of Thrones begins filming today in Northern Ireland, featuring a number of Scottish cast. Some familiar names to be see in S2 (based on the Clash of Kings book by George RR Martin) include frequent Sigma star James Cosmo (Old Bear) and Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn) Also returning of note will be Richie Madden as Robb Stark (who will have an EXCELLENT season trust me if you've not yet read the book, its a good one for Robb), along with an excellent Iain Glen as Ser Jorah, Ron Donachie, Rory McCann (so creepy great as the Hound) and I believe Natalia Tena (You Instead) is definitely doing more on her great turn as Osha-rock! Missing of course will be our beloved Jamie Sives as Jory -boooo. We loved you so much, such a great job as Jory!
Fear not however, as we will be able to relive that incredible first season as pre-orders for Game of Thrones DVD Season One are now available in the US via Amazon: DVD ($45.00 USD) Blu-Ray (55 USD)
UK pre-order can be found at the HBO shop, with more retailers to follow in short order. No release date is yet given (that will change soon to be certain). I also believe HBO is set to release their 2012 calendar which will feature many scenes from the series; will update this post once that becomes available online.
While I will greatly miss Jamie in this series, posts here on the show WILL CONTINUE given the great interest in the Scottish actors, including in those actors near and dear to Sigma film fans, stay tuned!
Game of Thrones will air next spring in the US on HBO and in the UK on Sky Atlantic

Friday, July 22, 2011

BBC Films Interview with Director David Mackenzie on "Perfect Sense"

BBC Films have released a new video interview with Sigma Films co-founder and director David Mackenzie on his new film "Perfect Sense." Included are comments on the stars, as well as new footage of lead actors Ewan McGregor and Eva Green (also enjoyed David's comment on reuniting the two Ewans (other being the excellent Ewen Bremner) for the movie. Perfect Sense will be released in the UK this October, with the US date from IFC films yet to be announced. You can learn more about Perfect Sense at the official Facebook page here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tickets Still Remain for Glasgow Film Screening of "Perfect Sense"

Just a quick reminder that tickets remain for the screening of David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" next week at the Glasgow Film Theatre. Screening as part of a Cinema city series, you can get your tickets at this link and see the film in the town where it was made by Sigma Films when it shows on Wed 27 July. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Star of "Perfect Sense" cast in major role for Game of Thrones Season 2

Another actor very familiar to Sigma has landed a major role in the new season of HBO's acclaimed series "Game of Thrones." Actor Stephen Dillane, one of the stars in David Mackenzie's Perfect Sense, has landed the role of Stannis Baratheon. Entertainment Weekly was kind enough to email here with the news of their scoop, reporting that "Stannis believes himself to be the Iron Throne’s rightful heir and is described as humorless and authoritative, with a strict moral code, but is gradually succumbing to the power of his newfound religion."

This is thrilling news! Stephen Dillane of course wowed tv audiences with a superb turn in the mini-series John Adams for his turn as brilliant US president Thomas Jefferson (seriously if you haven't seen this mini-series and are remotely interested in two remarkable men who played such an intrinsic part in the formation of the US, I strongly recommend it). Stephen can be seen along side co-stars Eva Green, Alastair Mackenzie and Ewan McGregor in David Mackenzie's critically acclaimed film "Perfect Sense" which will be in theatres world wide later this fall. Trailer below (stephen is in it quite a bit)

Sigma Spotlight: Production designer Tom Sayer

If there is one constant about the films of David Mackenzie, to me it is the exceptional, often gorgeous and original look and design of the pieces. To my eye they are like moving pieces of art, and part of the person responsible for these distinct looks is production designer Tom Sayer. Mr. Sayer has now launched his official website and at this link, you can be treated to new looks and behind the scenes peeks at some of his fine work, including many of David Mackenzie's movies.

You can see new shots of Ewan McGregor on the many cool sets used for Perfect Sense including those dramatic war/destruction sets on the streets of Glasgow as well as the interiors used in resteraunts such as Guys for the chef scenes.

Long time readers will recall the fabulous sets built for David's excellent Hallam Foe well documented by Sigma's own Colin Kennedy on the original GetYourPeople blog; be sure to check out the mini skyline of Edinburgh built, used for those closeup shots of Hallam (Jamie Bell) scampering over the building to peek on his beloved (Sophia Myles).

Thanks so much Tom!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New UK Trailer and Poster for "You Instead"

Here it is, now available for everyone to see around the world wooooot!
The UK trailer for David Mackenzie's "You Instead"

The new poster can be found here via Lovefilm; be sure to read the FB page for more on the film before it opens in the UK on 9 September.

Report from Galway Director's MasterClass with David Mackenzie

Screen Daily has a recent report on the Director's Masterclass held recently at the Galway Film Fleadh by Sigma's own David Mackenzie. While a podcast of the class is due to appear online later on, the trade journal reports some highlights as follows:

*Among the nuggets from Mackenzie were his dislike of bond companies, which he called “the Stasi of the industry” (in particular for making him cut one third of passion project Young Adam two weeks before shoot), his preference for shooting on digital and the awkwardness of shooting his brother Alastair in a sex scene (The Last Great Wilderness): “It was virtually pitch black so they were fumbling around quite naturally but the off-camera direction definitely broke the spell.”

The director also spoke interestingly about the challenge of working with three actors with very different approaches to their craft on that same film. Mackenzie described how Peter Mullan took a method approach, Tilda Swinton intellectualised and physicalised her role to a great extent, often repeating actions and movements to understand her character, while the raw Ewan McGregor took a more spontaneous approach.

Mackenzie admitted a “fundamental terror of being unemployed.” In addition to the projects already announced on ScreenDaily, Mackenzie said he is planning an “experimental piece” later in the year with brother Alastair and Gavin Mitchell from You Instead.

Jamie Sives "Tremblay-en-France" Film to Screen in UK this Fall

Its still hot and summer is sizzling and there are

*Jamie completed his highly acclaimed turn in The Pride which played over the past few weeks at the Sheffield Crucible theatre. Kudos cheers and BRAVO Jamie for all the great success with your return to the stage-hope it wont be too long till you return again! Congratulations! :))

*13 EMMY NOMS TO A GAME OF THRONES, which was nominated for a slew of awards, including BEST DRAMA. Well done indeed to the stellar cast & crew of this excellent HBO series, including many Scots actors in the cast
Jamie Sives, James Cosmo, Kate Dickie, Iain Glen, Richie Madden, Emun Elliot Ron Donachie & Rory McCann! Awesome job! "These nominations are great honors for the various individuals singled out, but the truth is that hundreds of people worked on ‘Game of Thrones,’ setting up lights at 5 in the morning, sewing wolf sigils on Sunday evenings, forging Valyrian steel daggers,” Benioff and Weiss said in a statement. “The crew and production staff work insane hours and their credits flash by in the blink of an eye at the end of each episode. We thank them for their passion and commitment to the show, and we thank the academy for recognizing their labors. And of course, thanks to HBO and George R.R. Martin.”

*Finally, the home town crowd will be able to catch Jamie Sives in his Best Actor turn for the short film "Tremblay-en-France" as it will be part of the French Film Festival this November in the UK. The festival will play in Jamie's home town and all over the UK including London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The program will officially be announced in September. Of making this acclaimed short film, Jamie, who lived in Paris for a while and still has friends there, wanted to make a return to that fabled city of lights. Thus when offered the chance to film there he readily took the film, and told me of making the movie: "Those three weeks were very gruelling and a bit hairy too. We filmed for 3 weeks in and around the darker reaches of Paris, mostly through the night. All along the canal and out to the suburbs. There was all manner of things going on along that canal in the wee small hours."

LOL quite! Jamie was quite honored with the best actor award earlier this year, and has nothing but high marks for the cast & crew, emphasing its often love that drives makers of short films "Short film crews work through incredibly hard conditions and invariably for free. Just for the love of it. Quite something really."

When the program is announced will update with ticket info and the like, stay tuned! PS if you are in Melbourne, Australia you can catch TEF on Thurs 28 July; info here.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Film City Glasgow Expansion: Funding for New film studio very close

Full text from the recent Herald report on the expansion of Film City Glasgow is now online. Following up on the earlier reports that Film City and Sigma will be expanding/ launching a brand new film production studio in Glasgow, the Herald reports that funding is very very close to making this become a reality in the very near future. Specific quotes of interest, as well as remarks from SigmaFilms/Film City Glasgow co-founder Gillian Berrie are as follows:

"Discussions are now at an advanced stage for an expansion of the Film City Glasgow project, which has helped produce a string of acclaimed hits including Red Road, Hallam Foe and Neds. A suitable 72,000sqft site has now been identified to house a large studio and production village.

The pound(s)3 million facility is seen as the first phase of a "Scottish Hollywood" development, which would eventually boast a number of large studios to attract big-budget productions.

Film City Glasgow is actively discussing the funding of the project with its original investment partners, as well as national arts body Creative Scotland. Just pound(s)500,000 still has to be found to get the initiative off the ground...

Gillian Berrie, co-founder of Sigma Films and founder of Film City Glasgow, said a major studio was urgently required. "We are trying very hard to expand into a bigger space which will be a studio and production village. There couldn't be a better time. At Film City we turn away two or three productions away a week because we just don't have the space. Sometimes even my own films can't get in, because it is first come, first served."

Berrie declined to reveal the exact location of the new site, which is expected to house a studio nearly five times bigger than Film City's current facility in Govan. However, she said it was in an "ideal" position for both the city centre and the countryside, as well as for major transport links, including the motorway and the airport. She added: "We have identified a site and we have backing from Creative Scotland. I'm really hoping we can have a Scottish studio by the end of the year."

In Scotland, the film and television industry currently employs almost 9000 people directly. More than 80 production companies and more than 300 facilities generate a turnover of around pound(s)1.2 billion per year. Local film-makers spent around pound(s)18m last year and the ability to attract large-scale productions is seen as vital to securing the stability of the industry."


Berrie said a studio would have a huge impact on the ability to attract inward investment, adding that she was "quietly confident" the plans will go ahead."I think we need to make funders realise the true impact of having a Scottish studio. It would be huge for the industry, for tourism and for television as well as film," she said.

"Studies have been done throughout Europe which show when a country doesn't have a studio, for every pound you put into a film, there is a 400% return. But if you have a studio, that goes up to 700%. It would put us in a very strong position."


Film City Glasgow was set up three years ago after a pound(s)3.5m investment from Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow City Council and the European Regional Development Fund.Its campus in the former Govan Town Hall brings together production and creative companies under one roof.

Tiernan Kelly, general manager of Film City Glasgow, said the proposed new site would be able to provide the large spaces required for TV and film facilities companies, alongside the studio.

"The project does not stand or fail on it being just a studio alone," he said. "The money that would be made from the other side of the business would keep it going for as long as it takes to get a big studio project in the building.It is being driven by the fact we are turning indigenous projects away, so there is a real demand for this infrastructure in the industry."

Kelly said the size of the studio was likely to be around 20,000sqft, which was on a par with what is available at most other UK studios. But he added: "We appreciate that perhaps a big Hollywood film isn't going to come unless there are four of those. So this is definitely part one of further hopeful expansion. If we had studio facilities, we would certainly have more to offer incoming feature films."

Friday, July 8, 2011

Audio Interview: Jamie Sives on The Pride, Game of Thrones & More

WONDERFUL treat for us now, as Scots actor Jamie Sives was a guest on BBC Radio Sheffield yesterday. In this new interview, you can hear Jamie discussing his role in the Pride, currently playing at the Sheffield Crucible Theatre. He also talks about his role as Jory in Game of Thrones and wearing that very expensive (yet sexy imo) wig! :) Other topics include his guest stint on BBC Outcasts, a bit on life in Leith as well as a shoutout to his mum, sister and neices. Finally he does mention hes off to do his next film (A Very Unsettled Summer) and says he will then do a second film in Austria. I wasnt supposed to mention that second film yet BLABBERMOUTH J lol but will have more on that soon cause I guess its a go woooot! In the meantime ENJOY ENJOY this interview with Jamie Sives. LOVE YOUR VOICE SO MUCH...bliss :)

Jamie Sives Interview by sweetonsigmafilms

ps comments remain toast because I live my life under a perpetual cloud of good intentions always meant for doom.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cinema City To Screen Perfect Sense this Month in Glasgow

Cinema City, dubbed an exploration of Glasgow's moving image, is launching this month with a series of special events, screenings and more. One such special event will be the screening of David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" on Wednesday 27 July, right in the city where it was made. Tickets for the event at the Glasgow film theatre are NOW AVAILABLE right here at this link. :)

Radio Interview: David Mackenzie Talks MasterClass, Poss Third Film with Ewan McGregor, More

It was a great treat to hear a new interview with director David Mackenzie, as he was a guest on The Green Room with Orla on NewsTalk Fm radio in Ireland. Discussing his upcoming Masterclass he will be conducting this week at the Galway Film Fleadh, David also talked about his two newest films, You Instead and Perfect Sense. All in all a good conversation with David, always modest and charming (funny comment on a quote by Gary Oldman on making films too *love*) But it was a passing comment that really caught my attention. Again, just in passing, David mentioned how great it was working with Ewan again for Perfect Sense and then said they are talking of doing another film together.....WOOOT!!!! Nothing NOTHING firm was mentioned, just a passing comment remember, yet still ...my heart leapt at this possibility Please let this come true!
David Mackenzie will be holding a Masterclass in filmmaking this week, Thurs. 8 July at the Galway Film Fleadh.
You can listen to the interview below or at this link (Part One), starting at the 28:00 minute mark (runs approx ten min in length)

Atlantic Bridge Update: Ewen Bremner Attached to Star along with Kevin McKidd

Here it is (and I was THRILLED to read this obviously) is the full text of
COLIN KENNEDY Screen Daily Star of Tomorrow. In the piece we learn that FUNDING IS SO SO CLOSE for Colin's first feature length film, Atlantic Bridge. Plus we now know that EWEN BREMNER is attached to star alongside KEVIN MCKIDD. woooooooT! Filming is (tenatively) set to happen later this summer-FINGERS CROSSING ALERT FOLKS-ALL YOUR GOOD ENERGY IS NEEDED! :)) Right then, the full text

After I Love Luci, crossing Atlantic Bridge.

I Love Luci is simply irresistible Clocking in at just over 12 minutes of celluloid charm, it won hearts, minds and awards wherever it played last year — and it went to a lot of places. Chelsea College of Art graduate Colin Kennedy’s debut after years of working with Sigma Films, in particular with David Mackenzie, I Love Luci takes a Glasgow drug addict, her best friend, a dog and a missing set of teeth, and subverts everything you might have expected from such a list of ingredients. Now Kennedy, who started out making tea on the sets of his father’s corporate promos, is ready with his feature debut, to be shot this summer. Set up as a low budget (sub-$1.6m) UK independent and written by Andrea Gibb, Atlantic Bridge is a Big Chill-style romantic drama with Kevin McKidd and Ewen Bremner attached to star. It is close — so close — to being fully financed at time of going to press. “It is an ensemble piece,” says Kennedy. “which is a challenge. And the finance has been a challenge, so it’s great to have the support of Sigma behind this one as well.”

Contact: Brian Coffey

Unrelated note: Comments on this blog are unavailable for the time being Technology is awesome, but not without its failings from time to time, and this is one of them; sorry folks.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Motovun Film Festival: David Mackenzie on Jury

Director David Mackenzie is having one busy summer, including the next several weeks. Up first: You Instead will screen this week on Thursday at T in the Park, marking a year to the date the film was made at the legendary Scottish music film festival. Then David is off to Galway for the Masterclass and the screening of four of his films. The end of July will see yet another appearance by David, this time at the Motovun Film Festival, where David will sit as one of three directors on a jury to determine the winning film at the acclaimed Croatian film festival. The Motovun Film Festival run 25-29 July, with more information here.
Update: Here's the link for the screening of PERFECT SENSE at the festival on 29 July