Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sigma Spotlight: Production designer Tom Sayer

If there is one constant about the films of David Mackenzie, to me it is the exceptional, often gorgeous and original look and design of the pieces. To my eye they are like moving pieces of art, and part of the person responsible for these distinct looks is production designer Tom Sayer. Mr. Sayer has now launched his official website and at this link, you can be treated to new looks and behind the scenes peeks at some of his fine work, including many of David Mackenzie's movies.

You can see new shots of Ewan McGregor on the many cool sets used for Perfect Sense including those dramatic war/destruction sets on the streets of Glasgow as well as the interiors used in resteraunts such as Guys for the chef scenes.

Long time readers will recall the fabulous sets built for David's excellent Hallam Foe well documented by Sigma's own Colin Kennedy on the original GetYourPeople blog; be sure to check out the mini skyline of Edinburgh built, used for those closeup shots of Hallam (Jamie Bell) scampering over the building to peek on his beloved (Sophia Myles).

Thanks so much Tom!

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