Monday, July 4, 2011

Atlantic Bridge Update: Ewen Bremner Attached to Star along with Kevin McKidd

Here it is (and I was THRILLED to read this obviously) is the full text of
COLIN KENNEDY Screen Daily Star of Tomorrow. In the piece we learn that FUNDING IS SO SO CLOSE for Colin's first feature length film, Atlantic Bridge. Plus we now know that EWEN BREMNER is attached to star alongside KEVIN MCKIDD. woooooooT! Filming is (tenatively) set to happen later this summer-FINGERS CROSSING ALERT FOLKS-ALL YOUR GOOD ENERGY IS NEEDED! :)) Right then, the full text

After I Love Luci, crossing Atlantic Bridge.

I Love Luci is simply irresistible Clocking in at just over 12 minutes of celluloid charm, it won hearts, minds and awards wherever it played last year — and it went to a lot of places. Chelsea College of Art graduate Colin Kennedy’s debut after years of working with Sigma Films, in particular with David Mackenzie, I Love Luci takes a Glasgow drug addict, her best friend, a dog and a missing set of teeth, and subverts everything you might have expected from such a list of ingredients. Now Kennedy, who started out making tea on the sets of his father’s corporate promos, is ready with his feature debut, to be shot this summer. Set up as a low budget (sub-$1.6m) UK independent and written by Andrea Gibb, Atlantic Bridge is a Big Chill-style romantic drama with Kevin McKidd and Ewen Bremner attached to star. It is close — so close — to being fully financed at time of going to press. “It is an ensemble piece,” says Kennedy. “which is a challenge. And the finance has been a challenge, so it’s great to have the support of Sigma behind this one as well.”

Contact: Brian Coffey

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