Friday, July 8, 2011

Audio Interview: Jamie Sives on The Pride, Game of Thrones & More

WONDERFUL treat for us now, as Scots actor Jamie Sives was a guest on BBC Radio Sheffield yesterday. In this new interview, you can hear Jamie discussing his role in the Pride, currently playing at the Sheffield Crucible Theatre. He also talks about his role as Jory in Game of Thrones and wearing that very expensive (yet sexy imo) wig! :) Other topics include his guest stint on BBC Outcasts, a bit on life in Leith as well as a shoutout to his mum, sister and neices. Finally he does mention hes off to do his next film (A Very Unsettled Summer) and says he will then do a second film in Austria. I wasnt supposed to mention that second film yet BLABBERMOUTH J lol but will have more on that soon cause I guess its a go woooot! In the meantime ENJOY ENJOY this interview with Jamie Sives. LOVE YOUR VOICE SO MUCH...bliss :)

Jamie Sives Interview by sweetonsigmafilms

ps comments remain toast because I live my life under a perpetual cloud of good intentions always meant for doom.

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