Saturday, October 30, 2010

Donkeys Roundup: Ticket Info and More for November Screenings

As the month draws to an end and a new one soon to start, here is a recap of practical info from my earlier posts/ round up of the screening dates and times for "Donkeys" in November.

1 November-4 November: Edinburgh Filmhouse; TICKETS HERE
(Morag Mckinnon, Colin McLaren, Kate Dickie & Brian Pettifer Q & A session the 1st)

4 November-5 November : Cineworld AberdeenUnion Square; Tickets here

5 November: Cineworld Edinburgh, two pm showings, ticket info here

7 November: Apple Store, Glasgow 4:00-5:00pm Meet filmmakers

8 November: Robert Burns Centre Dumfries, Morag Mckinnon Q & A afterwards 6:30pm

11 November: Cineworld Falkirk, 6:45pm

12 November: Cineworld Dundee, 6:45pm

12-November-17 November: Inverness Film Festival, Eden Court

Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci to screen before Outcast 6 NOVEMBER Eden Court; ticket info here

Please note: a few more articles mentioning Donkeys are now online but frankly are just cut and paste/recap of STV piece from the other day alas. Still, all mentions are greatly appreciated-keep on getting the word out! :) Also worth noting are two contest to win free tickets to see "Donkeys" in theatres
1)Podcast cart

2)Radio Magnetic

Jamie Sives Attends Game of Thrones Fan/Cast Meet Up in Belfast

Many cast members from HBO's upcoming Game of Thrones series attended a special fan/cast meet-up Thursday night in Belfast. There are now some great new photos of the event, including some wonderful new photos of Jamie Sives (Jory) at this event with the lucky fans (even author George RR Martin was there!), with photos courtesy and belonging strictly to Martin/Wyvernwood here at Flickr or over at the site. Be sure to check out the earlier report here, as well as one from the equally excellent Westeros for more (additional pic of Jamie Sives too) on what looks to have been a truly amazing night-LUCKY (and many congrats for sure to SilverJamie and Jackie who got to meet and get pics and kisses from the man himself, wow!!!!!!!!! sooo cool, Jamie is really the best! :)

UPDATE: Jackie has updated her blog with more on the event, including this bit about her conversation with Jamie :D She writes:

James Sives was charming and had also visited my home town and towns near by "Tayport on Tay, by the Tay, the Port on the Tay. Not to be confused with Newport on Tay" ;) We had a fun argument as to here Ron Donachie was from since he was generalising it to Fundee (Dundee) and I was claiming he was a Fifer (it's a local thing but terribly important! ;).

Update 2: Jackie was also kind enough to let me know in the comments on her blog that Jamie also mentioned reviewing films for the BIFAs ( heh he needs to get teh lead out on watching that batch for sure oy, poor guy he's been so busy and now blammo!)
IMPORTANT She also said he mentioned that he is heading to LA after Thrones to try and break into the US scene ....!!! OH YEA! :))))))

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reminder: "Donkeys" Screening at Cineworld Glasgow Starting This Weekend

As "Donkeys" continues to screen in various venues all across Scotland, a reminder the newest film from Sigma will be playing at the Cineworld Glasgow (Renfew St, the largest cinema complex in the UK) starting this weekend on Friday, October 29 and running for a week. You can purchase your tickets in advance here at this link.

On a related note, Scottish Television featured Sigma and Donkeys again today in a new piece that included a small quote from producer Gillian Berrie, as well as a mention of a special one-off screening of the film next month at the new Apple Store on November 7th. Of interest:

The film’s producers Sigma Films – renowned for their unconformist approach to filmmaking including using only first-time directors and a pool of young Scottish actors – decided to distribute the film themselves and are delighted to be signing a deal with Cineworld.

Gillian Berries, co-director of Sigma Films, said: “We know that Scottish cinema-goers are loyal and supportive, and we believe that this film will absolutely satisfy the wicked Scottish sense of humour.”

Highlights of Donkeys big-screen run also include showings at the Robert Burns Centre in Dumfries and a special one-off presentation at the Apple Store in Glasgow on November 7.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stan the Giant Donkey on the Loose in Streets of Glasgow!

Forget the talk of Zombies on the loose this Halloween in Glasgow, you should be on the lookout for a giant Donkey (who I have now dubbed 'Stan') wandering about in the environs of the stylist Scottish city!!!!! This is NO mere Loch Ness sighting, no indeed, its the real thing - a sad strange large yet cuddley Donkey, looking for ...a home, a kind soul to pay him heed, or... an audience ;)
as witnessed in the video below....

and this hilarious marketing/ad for the wonderful "Donkeys" film is quite fun!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I Love Luci" to Screen at Inverness Film Fest, AFI in California!

The good news for Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci keeps on pouring as, as not only will the multi award-winning short from Sigma play before the continued showings of Donkeys all next month, but also Luci will screen at the Inverness Film Festival 6 November as well as in competition at the prestigious AFI in California! wow! Go Luci Go!

The details: Inverness Film Festival at Eden Court will see Luci screen right before Colm McCarthy's "Outcast" on 6 November at 10:00 pm; tickets to this NOW ONSALE AT THIS LINK. Longtime readers will recall several mentions on Outcast which filmed in Edinburgh, and along with the excellent James Nesbitt, stars James Cosmo and Kate Dickie...who of course star in Sigma's latest film Donkeys! coolo (and bonus points for the six degrees of Sigma game ;) In case you haven't yet seen the film, here is the trailer for Outcast as well as for the hilarious (Colin Harris is top notch) I Love Luci

Luci will also be showing at Eden court when it screens for an ENTIRE WEEK with DONKEYS running 12 November to 17 November. Tickets for the Luci/ Donkeys combo at Eden Court ARE NOW ON SALE HERE AT THIS LINK! Director Morag McKinnon and more will be at the 12 November screening, so act now to get your tickets!

Also, early (official announcement next week) but "I Love Luci" will also be in competition at the vaunted AFI festival in California, which is fairly big deal I think so rock on Colin, Brian and Co!!!! :) More details/ticket info released next week, stay tuned!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Updated w/Video Plus Photos of Kate Dickie, James Cosmo More at GFT!

Check it out! Here are a few snaps of the cast members at the special screening of Donkeys last Friday at the Glasgow Film Theatre. Pictured below are (l-r)
Kate Dickie, Brian Pettifer, James Cosmo and director Morag McKinnon (pls. writer Colin McLaren above)

There was quite the crowd for the event as you can see, just wonderful! :) Thanks so much to Sigma for those pics!
UPDATE: The Sunday Mail also has an interview with James Cosmo regarding his work on Donkeys, where he says : "It's a fantastic script which really intrigued me.It was fun to let loose and I was nervous because I'm not known particularly as a comedy actor, and that was a really interesting departure for me."

ALSO: Reel Scotland has a video interview with James, Kate and Brian Pettifer that is ...well, watch below!

More reviews for Donkeys

There are a few more reviews for Donkeys online today. While the Scotsman, in a wholly NON review 'review' seems to have missed the entire point of the Advance Party series and ultimately produced a complete waste of space and my time very short piece pffft!, the List has a far more interesting article, where it notes "Donkeys is a strong follow-up to its feted predecessor, one which benefits from the change of tone that establishes it as a film in its own right. And as an added bonus Donkeys is playing with a supporting short: Colin Kennedy’s hilarious tale of dogs and false teeth, I Love Luci."

Giving praise to stars James Cosmo and Brian Pettifer even The Sunday Mail seems to have gotten the idea of the series, and points out some of the unique and quirkier aspects of the film:

This Glasgow-based film starts with a funeral and there's a graveyard scene towards its conclusion. In between is a black comedy that works due to the performances of James Cosmo and Brian Pettifer.They are two pals who plan to move to Spain but who then ditch the idea after life-changing events. Pettifer even dismisses Spain as a "warm Pontins, full of Germans".

Cosmo brilliantly portrays a big, daft man whose life is an almighty mess. A health scare has caused him to re-evaluate things and try to patch up with the daughter that he hasn't seen in 10 years.

The two actors command our interest in a film which mixes tragedy with humour. And Donkeys is surely the first movie to feature Una Paloma Blanca as funeral music.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jamie Sives Guest Role on "Outcasts" Set for Third Episode

Followup: The official IMDB page for actor Jamie Sives has now been updated with a bit more on his guest role for the upcoming series "Outcasts." Jamie will be seen in the role of 'Leon' for the third episode of the new series from the BBC starring Jamie Bamber, set to air both on BBC 2 and BBC America later this fall/early winter. No formal airdate has yet been announced; updates on that to follow when available.

Meanwhile, two DVD update reminders: Get Him to the Greek is on DVD/iTunes all over now (Jamie has a very brief cameo), and Valhalla Rising-while already on DVD in the UK-will see a US DVD release on November 30, with pre-orders available here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Donkeys" Stars Kate Dickie and Brian Pettifer to Attend Special Screenings, More!

Some great news for fans who will be attending the special screenings of Sigma's newest film Donkeys this Friday (8 October) at the Glasgow Film Theatre. Due to attend are two of the wonderful cast, including the superb actress KATE DICKIE and actor Brian Pettifer. They will be joined by director Morag McKinnon and screenwriter Colin McLaren, as well as producers Gillian Berrie and Anna Duffield. As noted previously, as a special bonus, award-winning short I Love Luci will be playing before the showings of Donkeys, and on Friday you can meet and speak with writer/director Colin Kennedy and Brian Coffey too! What a great night that will be!

The opportunity to hear from and meet these impressive people continues for the very next night (9 October), a one night only screening of Donkeys will take place at the Perth Playhouse (tickets available here) Attending this event will be:
director Morag McKinnon
writer Colin McLaren
producer Gillian Berrie
Stars: Brian Pettifer and Kate Dickie

I Love Luci will see Colin Kennedy and Brian Coffey there as well!

Finally, as noted before EDINBURGH will also have their chance to see this film when it screens at Filmhouse cinema (tickets available at this link), starting 1 November. At the special Q & A session, lucky fans will hear from Morag McKinnon, Colin McLaren, actor Brian Pettifer, and Sigma's own and the producing directing crew of Luci: Brian Coffey and Colin Kennedy.

IF YOU ARE ATTENDING, PLEASE PLEASE send in your reports and photos and we will be glad to post or tweet and post on the Facebook pages :)

Bonus: The List magazine has a short preview of Donkeys online that you can read right here.

Martin Compston Talks "Donkeys" and more on STV

Actor Martin Compston was a guest on STV's The Hour show yesterday where he discussed his role as Stevie in "Donkeys." In the video which you can see right here at this link, Martin discusses the series and working with the second director, Morag Mckinnon "“I’m really proud of it, because the pressure was on following Red Road. Margaret (McKinnon) done a great job directing and everyone enjoyed working for her.

“It’s a complicated structure but it’s really the second part of a trilogy, a follow up to Red Road. Some of the characters might seem familiar, but the storyline is totally different.”

"Donkeys" will see a limited release in Scotland, starting with a week long stop starting this week on Friday at the Glasgow Film Theatre.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tickets Going Fast for "Donkeys," Plus New Contest!

Quick reminder that tickets remain but are going fast for the screening of "Donkeys," the second film in the acclaimed Advance Party series from Sigma. Screening this week in the town where it was made, Donkeys will be screening at the Glasgow Film Theatre THIS WEEK STARTING ON FRIDAY, 8 October featuring a very special appearance from CAST and Crew after the 6:30 showing. Be sure to get your tickets at this link. Plus do not forget, Colin Kennedy's award-winning short "I Love Luci" will be screening before each of the showings of Donkeys, which is very cool news indeed.

Speaking of cool, Sigma has launched a new contest to win tickets to see "Donkeys" so if you are a member of Facebook, head here for more-good luck! Finally, in a fun series of updates we learned a random selection of things about the wonderful star, actor James Cosmo, including that apparantly he's a fire hazard ;), he's prone to finding unusual things in his drinks and lolz, thats he's a better poker player than ole Mel (some might argue that he's a better actor but eh that's neither here nor there.) You can see some good highlights of James when he worked with Mel (who frankly earned those oscars cause I still think it's a superb film) in this showreel, including footage from Braveheart.