Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jamie Sives Guest Role on "Outcasts" Set for Third Episode

Followup: The official IMDB page for actor Jamie Sives has now been updated with a bit more on his guest role for the upcoming series "Outcasts." Jamie will be seen in the role of 'Leon' for the third episode of the new series from the BBC starring Jamie Bamber, set to air both on BBC 2 and BBC America later this fall/early winter. No formal airdate has yet been announced; updates on that to follow when available.

Meanwhile, two DVD update reminders: Get Him to the Greek is on DVD/iTunes all over now (Jamie has a very brief cameo), and Valhalla Rising-while already on DVD in the UK-will see a US DVD release on November 30, with pre-orders available here.

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  1. It was great to read this news on Twitter from you last night Sue! (Err, this morning actually :).

    Sorry I didn't comment earlier but my immitation, wannabe, not really smart phone wouldn't let me comment at the time! LOL

    Thanks for the news on Jamie in Outcasts. Now just gotta find out if and when it will air in Australia!

    (still not exactly sober now either! :)