Monday, July 19, 2010

Jamie Sives as The Beard, Plus Scottish Cast Members in Game of Thrones

Just a quick note today to say how thrilled I am over the recent casting (noted on the author's blog, and WIC and Westeros) for the upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones, which will feature some wonderful Scottish actors and actresses, esp some familiar to Sigma Films: James Cosmo, star of Sigma's latest acclaimed "Donkeys" as well as the superb Kate Dickie (Red Road, Donkeys and be sure to check her out this upcoming weekend in the Starz cable mini series Pillars of the Earth), as well as many more (ie Emun Elliot etc) HUGE LIST HERE. As noted previously, Jamie Sives is of course also in this series AND IS DEFINITELY CONFIRMED TO BEGIN HIS WORK AS JORY CASSEL THIS WEEK in Belfast. THRILLED to pieces esp since Jamie and James have worked together before (One Last Chance), and I think he was supposed to work with Kate on a film a few years ago that never got off the ground.

Jamie is also due to appear in One Day which is filming on location in London and Scotland..and...did I mention that as WRITTEN IN THE BOOK "One Day" (now out in paperback in the US)......
Jamie plays a character who is known as THE BEARD

ajklajklh haahhahahahhh
I absolutely choked on my beer when I read that over the weekend; absolutely blissfully delirious though lol lol, given the errm previous discussion of Jamie and his beard :)))) (see the interview for more!)
NO word if it will be the big ole fluffy beard (aka Valhalla Rising, a moderate beard aka Clash o Titans, or a super sexy scruffy size aka Last Chance Harvey, but I will point out that the female character in One Day wonders if Phil (Jamie's character) is really good-looking underneath the beard...
HELL YES is my totally unbiased opinion- GREAT CASTING :))))

One Day is scheduled for release in theatres 3rd quarter (next fall) 2011, with last reports Game of Thrones due on the mega cable channel HBO next spring.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deadline London Article on David Mackenzie's "In the Park"

In the know must read Deadline Hollywood/ London website has now posted a brief article about the remarkable groundbreaking five day feature film shoot from Sigma Films and David Mackenzie for their newest film "In the Park." The piece states that this latest effort is a romantic comedy and continues: "The movie stars Luke Treadaway (Clash of the Titans) as the lead singer of an indie Scottish band who finds himself handcuffed to the vocalist of a big US rock outfit. The Reverend Al Green handcuffs them together. Love and happiness indeed. At one point, they have to perform in each other’s sets live on stage. Of course they get together in the end. Mackenzie has shot his guerrilla feature in just five days. The BBC is backing the project."

Be sure to check out Sigma's official making of blog, here and follow their twitter for more pics and information on the shoot. As first tweeted yesterday, you can also catch a sneak preview music video of Luke Treadway singing with his group in the film "the Make" Enjoy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jamie Sives Casting News: Lone Scherfig's "One Day," Game of Thrones Series?

Simply Sives summer delight today in the form of some terrific casting news!

Jamie Sives has been cast as Mr. Godalming in the film adaptation of David Nicholl's book "One Day." More fantastic is that Jamie will be reunited with superb director Lone Scherfig for work on this film; Lone of course directed Jamie in his award- winning, critically acclaimed performance in Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself. The new "One Day" film is about two lovers who meet once a year on the same day (Jamie plays a lover to the lead character Emma, who will be portrayed by Anne Hathaway)

Just wonderful news! You can read more from the author at his blog here, and read about the book release from last year (just out in paperback this month in US) at this link.

If that wasn't good enough, word has it that Jamie has been cast in the HBO production of George Martin's beloved Game of Thrones series. Jamie has apparently been cast in the role of Jory Cassel. I am really quite uncertain on all of this, for I thought some filming had already been done, but apparently additional filming is due to start on this series for the cable channel starring Sean Bean at the end of the month. I am working to confirm this casting, but in the meantime you can learn more about this production at the website.
Help yourself, he's FABULOUS
and will do a wonderful job with the part! :)))

Update: Word on this casting is spreading fast and the reaction is quite positive, as seen here on a site called Winter Is Rock on!!
ps no, that wasnt me there singing praises to Jamie lol, should tho! lol

Random Trivia: If true Jamie will be appearing alongside Mark Addy, with whom he worked with on It's a Wonderful Afterlife. IAWA DVD will be released in the UK next month on August 16th.
This of , just one week after the August 10th release of the Triage DVD which stars Jamie and Colin Farrell. :D
Finally, reminder that the Clash of Titans DVD with Jamie and Mads Mikkelsen is released on July 27th. Valhalla Rising with Jamie and Mads is screening in very select venues in the US and on demand from IFC, with the DVD already long out in the UK (and frankly on just about every torrent possible oy~~), and soon to follow in the US.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Film From David Mackenzie and Sigma: "T in the Park"

Great news today
David Mackenzie and Sigma Films have a new production about to begin:
movie! Filming begins on their newest film shortly focusing on the famous outdoor music concert due to take place in just a few days. The T in the Park festival runs the entire weekend of July 9-11th in Scotland. For those of you on Facebook I believe there is a page for the film, with more details to follow soon! IMDB got it right for a change, and can confirm that yes indeed David is directing In the Park.