Monday, July 19, 2010

Jamie Sives as The Beard, Plus Scottish Cast Members in Game of Thrones

Just a quick note today to say how thrilled I am over the recent casting (noted on the author's blog, and WIC and Westeros) for the upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones, which will feature some wonderful Scottish actors and actresses, esp some familiar to Sigma Films: James Cosmo, star of Sigma's latest acclaimed "Donkeys" as well as the superb Kate Dickie (Red Road, Donkeys and be sure to check her out this upcoming weekend in the Starz cable mini series Pillars of the Earth), as well as many more (ie Emun Elliot etc) HUGE LIST HERE. As noted previously, Jamie Sives is of course also in this series AND IS DEFINITELY CONFIRMED TO BEGIN HIS WORK AS JORY CASSEL THIS WEEK in Belfast. THRILLED to pieces esp since Jamie and James have worked together before (One Last Chance), and I think he was supposed to work with Kate on a film a few years ago that never got off the ground.

Jamie is also due to appear in One Day which is filming on location in London and Scotland..and...did I mention that as WRITTEN IN THE BOOK "One Day" (now out in paperback in the US)......
Jamie plays a character who is known as THE BEARD

ajklajklh haahhahahahhh
I absolutely choked on my beer when I read that over the weekend; absolutely blissfully delirious though lol lol, given the errm previous discussion of Jamie and his beard :)))) (see the interview for more!)
NO word if it will be the big ole fluffy beard (aka Valhalla Rising, a moderate beard aka Clash o Titans, or a super sexy scruffy size aka Last Chance Harvey, but I will point out that the female character in One Day wonders if Phil (Jamie's character) is really good-looking underneath the beard...
HELL YES is my totally unbiased opinion- GREAT CASTING :))))

One Day is scheduled for release in theatres 3rd quarter (next fall) 2011, with last reports Game of Thrones due on the mega cable channel HBO next spring.

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  1. LOLOLOL you and "the beard" LOLOL
    That's cracked me up.

    Hey, congrats Sue! You've cracked 100 blog posts on Jamie!!! \o/ :)