Saturday, February 28, 2009

Award Watch: Colin Kennedy Nominated for Scottish BAFTA New Talent

Great news today, for as noted on his I Love Luci blog, Sigma's own Colin Kennedy has been nominated at the Scottish BAFTA New Talent Award!!! Along with Brian Coffey, writer director Colin Kennedy has been nominated in the "Music Video" category for his work on the We Are The Physics "You Can Do Athletics-BTW" video!!! Recorded at Film City Glasgow last year (almost a year ago to this date 0_0), be sure to check out these entries on Colin's blog for more on the making of the video, which you can see below. The New Talent Awards will be presented on Friday 13 March 2009 at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow, Scotland (Good luck I say, cause lmao its a day after my birthday woot lol), stay tuned (and PLEASE some one show mercy and post some pics from this, plllleaaase lol)

ALL CAP SUPER SUPER CONGRATULATIONS COLIN KENNEDY and Brian Coffey, and to the Physics, crew, Sigma and all involved. Awesome news!!! So so happy and proud of you,

Related: For those new to the blog, there is a fun "making of" video of Colin and the band creating this very video here. ENJOY (heart you Colin :D)

One last related award front news blurb: A movie blogger and part time b-movie producer (ie bad horror and lots of boobs tacky type of film) has issued a press release on his personal "Polished Apple" awards, and gave his best movie award to Mister Foe, noting lead actor Jamie Bell as a "wonderfully underrated actor" (where have we heard that before alas) and goes on to note that Mister Hallam Foe: “It’s not a creepy peeping tom film,” senior editor Chad Freeman said. “It could have been, but it isn’t. Instead it’s a touching character study about love lost.” (Thanks for the reminder to post this Marit! Cheers!)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mads Mikkelsen on Valhalla Rising, Wilbur, and Scotland, the home of people full of BLEEP!

Ah Mads, dear Mads how we love you so. Talented, handsome as hell and humor to match, Mads Mikkelsen is the subject of a recent interview in the Scotsman. In this piece Mads mentions several things of interest, the first being the upcoming Valhalla Rising. Quotage:

Valhalla Rising, set in the Highlands in 900AD and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who made Pusher. Mikkelsen's runaway slave is one-eyed, mute and covered with elaborate woad markings. "In the beginning you think, 'This is going to be a piece of cake. No lines to learn!' Then you realise it's very complicated to express yourself without dialogue. But my character is more like a myth than a real person. I would say the film is an epic, loving tribute to Sergio Leone and Kurosawa."

The article also points out that Mads of course was featured in Sigma Films great WILBUR WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF (seriously go see this film!) and working in Scotland. He also echos comments made previously by Sigma's Gillian Berrie, and pays errm homage to the humor of the Scots... Ergo:

Mikkelsen has now made two films in Scotland, the other being the dark comedy Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself (2002). "I love the accent, the midges and the strange, strange weather," he says, adding jokingly, "The Scots are full of shit, and that's something we Danes are full of as well. It must be genetic, because we went there lots of times. We have as our neighbours on the one side Sweden and on the other Germany, but we have very little in common with them in terms of our sense of humour. We're much more like you, definitely."

Valhalla Rising, directed by Nicholas Refn and starring Mads and the wonderous Jamie Sives (Mads co-star in Wilbur) will be released later this summer.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(Updated) Colin Kennedy's "I Love Luci" A Scottish Short Film Gem of the Year

Huzzah!!! Scottish Screen actually agrees with lowly me as today they have a new article online that in a nutshell means: Colin Kennedy's upcoming "I Love Luci" is one of the Short Film Gems of the year!


or will be, I firmly believe this!

In a piece about the great short films we can expect to see this year (and funded in part from SS I believe) they mention Sigma's own Colin Kennedy and the new short film he and Brian Coffey and co have made. Quotage:

I Love Luci is a witty, tender tale of missing teeth, unrequited love and one dog’s potential to shape the fortunes of a couple destined never to be together. The film is written and directed by Colin Kennedy and produced by Brian Coffey for Sigma Films, one of the most exciting production companies in Scotland.


Damn straight it is ! wheeeee!

As we know, Sigma has a long tradition of quality short films, as David, Al and Gillian Berrie have a firm background in making these films before later branching out into full length films. With their involvement with the Advance Party initiatives, they have worked with some directors who did wonderful short films (such as Andrea Arnold and Morag Mckinnon, Johnny Barrington, Paddy, Colin etc and now Adrian McDowall and the others who form the AP 2 project). I APPLAUD them for being brave and taking this step-you never know unless someone gives you a chance, and this is precisely what Sigma is doing: taking those upcoming directors and working with them to create fresh, original full length films BRAVO!!
You can learn more about some of the films Sigma has made in the past via this link to the official Sigma website.

It should be noted that Colin Kennedy is the author of the Hallam Foe blog and is a full fledged filmmaker of his own right. At last word, the spec
ial effects are done on I Love Luci, and (possibly Savalas???) sound work is being done on the new film.
I Love Luci is written and directed by Colin Kennedy, and stars Colin Harris (The Damned United) and Camilla Rutherford (Gosford Park).

UPDATE: The Evening Times ran a great new profile on actor Colin Harris, who stars in Luci, and will be making his first major motion picture appearance in The Damned United which opens on March 27. While there is no mention of Luci alas, the article mentions the new film co-stars Martin Compston (Sigmas Red Road, Donkeys) and has a fun quote what it was like for actor Colin Harris the first day he arrived to film the football (soccer) movie.

"I checked into the hotel and the guy said The Damned United lot are just round here'. I walked in and there were Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall and Martin Compston. I thought, I think I'm in a wee bit over my head here!"

For his part Colin had to undergo an hour-long transformation, including a 70s-style wig.

He said: "The wig caused some problems - if I had to head the ball half the wig came off!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Preview Clip of Track Title to New Town Killers Online!

More Sweet filthy music for a Monday morning everyone ;)

As reported previously, Isa and the Filthy Tongues have recorded several tracks for the score to the upcoming New Town Killers film which stars Sigma's Alastair Mackenzie and actor Dougray Scott. There is now a short preview clip of the title track, featuring vocals (I believe) of NTK director and frontman to The Skids Richard Jobson online here to enjoy (mp3)! Check it out! I agree with other reviews-does remind me of late 80s/early 90s music I so love & think this is fantastic; makes me want to dance and shake my big ole butt and I cant wait to get the CD! :D Isa was apparently part of the after party event for NTK at the Buff club in Glasgow, which took place last week when the film screened at the Glasgow Film Festival.

The single will be released on APRIL 6 (uncertain when the entire soundtrack will be out).

You can hear part of the song via the new trailer which I posted on my Youtube channel late last week.

Cast Watch: Kate Dickie to Star in "OutCast"

Here is another unrelated directly to Sigma films post, but a bit of news of one of my favorite actresses: Kate Dickie. [Quick Note that indeed Kate Dickie is the award winning actress seen in Sigma Films superb Red Road, and star of the second (sequel ish) installment in the Advance party series, Donkeys. ] The Sunday Herald reports that Kate will be starring in a new film called "OutCast," which actually sounds very cool. The paper describes it as "THE CELTIC mythology of the classic fantasy movie Highlander meets the sort of unglamorous, everyday realism of a Ken Loach drama in a new supernatural thriller set mainly on an Edinburgh housing scheme." The producer of the film, Eddie Dick, confirms this, and notes the use of "sith" and ancient roots of magic, two themes I'm particularly aware of ;)

"It's a Celtic horror film," said Dick, who is based in Edinburgh and is in charge of the Scottish end of production. The film is an Irish-Scottish co-production and already has a UK distributor in place, with the likelihood of a British cinema release later this year or in 2010.

"It is unlike horror in remote castles and ancient past and so on," said Dick. "It will have a realistic, urban feel about it, which does divide it off from the artificiality of Hammer and Universal (which was famous for its horror films in the early 1930s, including Frankenstein and Dracula).

"These were fine films in their way, but this is questioning the edge of the genre The story in a sense has a kind of social realist base, but it begins to develop and twist out of that quite quickly, and that's linked in with an exploration of Celtic mythology."

Outcast draws on ancient Scottish and Irish myths of the Sídhe or Síth, an ancient race with magical powers, which traditionally can include invisibility and the ability to see into the future.

SITH=JEDI =ultimate pwnage by the force of Jedi=pwnage continual by the superb Kate Dickie :)))

The paper continues:

The film begins in Ireland, but Mary and her teenage son, Fergal, go on the run and head for Edinburgh. They hope to find anonymity and security of having other Sídhe nearby. Mary wants them to keep their distance from humans, but Fergal finds himself drawn to an attractive teenage neighbour.

The film-makers will be shooting in such unglamorous locations as Niddrie, Muirhouse and Sighthill, as well as more familiar city centre locations.They will be shooting for three weeks in the Edinburgh area and two weeks in Galway.

According to her agent, Kate is also shooting a new film in Ireland called "Shelter" with John Lynn, but I have no additional info on that at the moment.

For those keeping score at home, bonus points will be issued to those who can guess the Strands of Sigma connection here....any guesses? Right JAMIE SIVES..

Wtf Sue you might ask lol? Well, James Nesbitt starred with JAMIE SIVES in The Passion, which as noted last march, aired on the BBC, with Jamie S starring as John and Nesbitt as Pontius Pilate. You can see a fantastic clip from the Passion, including Nesbitt at work and esp GREAT PERFORMANCE by Jamie Sives as an angry torn and fearful John confronting Jesus right before they make their way to Jerusalem.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Photo of Jamie Sives from Valhalla Rising

Reminder: Tomorrow, New Town Killers screens at the Dublin Film Fest. No idea if Alastair will be there (doubtful but hope is eternal). Also screening tomorrow at both the Dublin fest and Glasgow Film Festival is Last Chance Harvey. Now NO this is not in any way shape or form a Sigma film related thing, however my fave actor Jamie Sives apparently has a bit part in the film. I do not know if he made the cut , or even better lol will be at any of the screenings, but there you go.

Speaking of the smokin' Mr Sives, new photos and a short report from the filming of Valhalla Rising made their way online last week. Jamie Sives stars in this new film along side his former Wilbur co-star Mads Mikkelsen, and VH was filmed in Scotland, with many Scottish crew and FCGlasgow used as the base for the new Nicholas Refn film. Fangoria has this short article, with new photos of Mads, Nic Refn and of course JAMIE, with quotage of interest as follows:

“I’m used to Nicolas’ working methods by now,” says Mads Mikkelsen, whose turns in the first two PUSHERs led him to the lead villain’s role in CASINO ROYALE, and who plays VALHALLA’s One Eye (second photo). “Although quite how my fellow cast members [including Jamie Sives, Gary Lewis and Gordon Brown] coped, I have no idea. But most of them seemed intrigued by being included in the directing process to an unprecedented degree. Nothing about Nicolas is standard, and that’s what makes him so special. He had this crazy idea to make a Viking movie, despite hating Viking movies. He wanted it filled with gory horror and science-fiction imagery so it would be completely different from anything else out there. He wanted me to play a mute God metaphor. And it’s being filmed mainly in slow-motion!

I've also uploaded some high res versions of a couple of the pics on my flickr, notably of Mads here. While I was surfing around on flickr, I saw an extra on the film has uploaded some cool behind the scenes of a VH shoot in the Highlands. What is really cool is to see this shot from user Thom C of this now famous pic of Mads. Quite a difference what goes on behind the scenes and what the audience sees on the big screen. man I LOVE FILMS and while its all old stuff and nothing new to anyone whose ever made a film, for fans its always cool to see stuff like this, and I for one remain entirely appreciative they release these things and others like mr C upload them for us to enjoy! Cheers!

At last word, Valhalla Rising is set for release in August, 2009. For more on
Mads Mikkelsen and Valhalla Rising
be sure to check out MADS ONLINE.NET and Valhallagirl2008 YouTube Channel.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Footage of Film City Glasgow on New Franz Ferdinand DVD

It was a dark and snowy night, when this hapless blogger realised that yet again she had failed, after having just learned of footage of FILM CITY GLASGOW and Franz Ferdinand freely available for weeks now on Youtube.

A sad state of affairs indeed, as said blogger knew full well last month that there was a DVD on the special box set of Franz Ferdinand's TONIGHT, containing a 40 minuted Documentary on the making of the CD, parts of which were shot at Film City Glasgow. However said blogger, being of varying states of mental capacity, multiple states of work induced stress, crimped cash flow, travelitus, a fair bit of drunkenness, and otherwise disgraceful states of oblivion best left for sitcom characters, proved unworthy of her journalism career and long held hard core fan on the lookout skills, and completely ignored Youtube...Youtube, better known as the last hope for all fans...However once scouring the promised land, blogger hit the mirage in the desert was thus was delivered from her state of ignorance (and spared the $60.00 to buy aforementioned box set) when alerted to a lovely acoustic rendition of Katherine Kiss me (which apparently also was part of a BBC broadcast over the holidays, but as blogger has zero access to those shows being blocked here in the US the point is moot)

*flushes head in toilet*

Right, CHECK IT OUT: Footage galore and lovely chatter from the fabulous four lads of Franz on recording at Film City Glasgow. FILM CITY GLASGOW, for those just joining in,
is home to the TRIFECTA OF S...SIGMA FILMS, Serious Facilities and Savalas Sound amoung many other great companies/tennants/cool folk in the developing Digital quarter of Glasgow. Film City Glasgow is run by Tiernan Kelly.

ENJOY the band, solo Nick and more....soooo beautiful, I love these clips; thanks ever so much for uploading this music and FCG footage guys!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Official: New Town Killers Trailer!

Here it is, the brand new trailer for Richard Jobson's NEW TOWN KILLERS starring Dougray Scott, Sigma Films own Alastair Mackenzie and James Anthony Pearson. Enjoy!

(UPDATED) Video Interview: Richard Jobson, James Anthony Pearson on New Town Killers

STV has a new video interview online today, with director Richard Jobson and actor James Anthony Pearson (Control) where they discuss NEW TOWN KILLERS, which made its Scottish premiere last night at the Glasgow Film Festival. While unfortunately there is nary a mention of Alastair Mackenzie ALAS who stars in the film with Dougray Scott, you can see new clips from the film, as well has hear some solid and engaging conversation from Richard re the subject matter of the film, choosing Edinburgh for the location and the film scene in Glasgow.


UPDATE 2: VIDEO of some of Post Screening Q & A online from Glasgow Film Festival (no mention of Alastair again lol) but still Mr Jobson and James are interviewed)

New Town Killers with Richard Jobson and James Anthony Pearson from Glasgow Film Festival on Vimeo.

UPDATE 100,012 ;) STV has a very interesting interview with Mr. Jobson, who makes some pointed and honest remarks on "new Town" Edinburgh. Some additional quotage of interest:

“I still live there and everywhere I walk in that city is a film location to me,” said the director.

He continued, “I’m not really interested in the heritage trail type of cinema, films about the past, I’m more interested in taking the locations and throwing them into a very modern context, even science fiction.”

In a separate piece, Mr. Jobson also noted his upcoming works, talking about Hallam Foe's Claire Forlani and her husband Dougray Scott in Macbeth. He also speaks BOUT FILMING IN SCOTLAND USING LOCAL TALENT AND CREW! yes :)

UPDATE: New review in the press of NTK, this from icScotland, where the author declares "I found a Scottish diamond." Noting this as a hidden gem of the Glasgow Film Festival, the review was very complimentary on the acting of the film, as well as the music: "The Filthy Tongues and the Flykillers (who scored the film) kept moving the film forward with it’s excellent soundtrack." The piece concluded with props must go to Jobson and his technical crew. They have managed to create magic on a shoe-string budget and a film that is certain to become a cult classic of Scottish Cinema.

Great news! :D

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Town Killers Screens Today in Glasgow

Richard Jobson's New Town Killers screens today at the Glasgow Film Festival. This movie, which stars Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie is showing as part of the festival. Over the past few weeks there has been several press pieces with the focus solely on Richard Jobson and one of his leading men, Dougray Scott, however no word alas from Al. I know that several readers are going to the film today, so perhaps they will get to see Alastair if he attends; last word is that James Pearson is doing the presenting, along with Mr. Joboson. As a reminder however, the film also screens this weekend in Dublin, so there is always hope for an appearance there!

Speaking of Dougray Scott, the Daily Record ran a piece this morning featuring a new interview with the actor, and he spoke about the uncanny timing of one of the theme of the film and the calamity in the world ecconomic state we are facing in real life. Quotage:

Dougray said: "The fact that Jobson wrote this before all the banking collapses is incredible."Alastair's character at one point in the game says it's going too far and my character says 'why do you think that?' "He says 'because it's wrong, I care.' "And my character says: 'No you don't. You just think you care.'

"And in the same way bankers claim they care about the economy.

"They don't, they just care about themselves.

"The reason we are in this mess in a worldwide scale is because of greed.

"People are losing their homes. It's the people in the lower end of society are baring the brunt of it. These people who have lost millions will be fine, they'll be back."

Related: A banking website or something has an article on this, only they WOEFULLY get the cast wrong, but it does contain a new quote from an individual from the mysterious British Film institute.

It shows Dougray as a cold-hearted hedge fund banker who turns killer for kicks, playing a 12-hour game of hunt, hide and seek with underprivileged people, according to the paper.

“In creating a scenario where the well-heeled and privileged prey on the poor and deprived, director Richard Jobson is clearly wearing political concerns on his sleeve in his latest film, and is to be admired for it.” Says Michael Hayden, of the British Film Institute, “Yet New Town Killers is not bleeding-heart social commentary, but an ambitious and kinetic thriller, a tension-packed joyride through Edinburgh streets; it is obvious Jobson knows the city well, and that he loves it, he presents it wonderfully.”

Here are interviews of late w/RJ on the NTK movie, scant mention of Al however
-The List
_Sunday Herald Dougray Scott
_Sunday Herald Richard Jobson q & A

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eight Degrees of Happiness with Advance Party 2!

It's eight degrees of happiness, eight laughs a day to keep the doctor away, and eight moments of joy and resolution for the films of Advance Party 2.

Variety has some news of interest tonight, as the rules have now been announced concerning the films we will be seeing from those involved in the new Advance Party 2 film partnership involving Sigma Films of Glasgow Scotland, Denmark's Zentropa and Subotica Entertainment of Ireland. Sigma's own Gillian Berrie is quoted and says

“Rules imposed from ‘the outside-in’ can be daunting, but the eight filmmakers created these rules to push themselves and each other on, to signal a navigable route towards a first feature,” said Sigma Films’ Gillian Berrie. “Rule-making is mischievous, yes, but we all quickly realized that creating boundaries actually focuses rather than limits the creative process.”

The Variety piece also notes the rules as follows:

"...The various projects to come out of the initiative must be made for a budget less than 1.5 million Euros ($1.9 million), the script must be a maximum of 88 pages, must contain no more than eight characters and that all the scenes must be shot within an eight mile radius of each other.

Most intriguing of all is the rule that “the stories must make the audience laugh, make them cry and give them an uplifting ending.”

Naturally they have to do a bit of editorializing in the news article, as they say its a "tall order" and mention the 'harrowing fare' that is Red Road.

WELL let me interject my editorial and note that the RR followup Donkeys is billed as a comedy, and oh LETS THINK, Sigmas recent entries such as Hallam Foe, WILBUR, DEAR FRANKIE have been marvelous uplifting drama yet lovely funny pieces (albeit a unique and original manner THANK GOD)
I LOVE THOSE FILMS AND HAVE EVERY FAITH they could make such a project succeed.

Related: Scottish Screen ran a piece yesterday that has more on the filmmakers involved, with quotes from both Gillian and a rep from Subotica:

Gillian Berrie of Sigma Films says, "The combination of these talented filmmakers and the intriguing and challenging constraints of the Advance Party project is creating an environment for eight memorable and ground-breaking debut features."

"There is a highly creative, dynamic and diverse mix of talent on board this ground breaking project and it is the only first time director scheme of its kind," said Tristan Orpen Lynch, of Subotica Films.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Big News from Berlinale: Sigma Films Glasgow Launches Advance Party 2!

Big news today from Berlinale, where Sigma Films of Glasgow, Scotland has launched another great film initiative: Advance Party 2. Following on the premise of the original Advance Party Trilogy
(ie RED ROAD, upcoming DONKEYS and unknown 3 which all feature same characters in three films, different premise each movie)
this new project involves a project with Zentropa of Denmark, and Subotica Entertainment of Ireland.

Screen Daily has the early word that EIGHT NEW FILMS are slated from emerging UK and Irish filmmakers.
The writers/directors taking part in the scheme are:
Paul Wright, Adrian McDowall (Scotland)
Esther May Campbell, Daniel Mulloy (England)
Enda Hughes (Northern Ireland),
Rory Bresnihan, Ciaran Foy (Ireland)
Steph Green (Ireland/ U.S.A)

More information is due to be released later today (prob hit the net tomorrow) and according to the article, while at the festival, the "filmmakers will take part in a week-long series of workshops during the festival focussing on creating the 'Advance Party community' and the business elements of filmmaking. They will be working with visiting directors, writers and actors as well as lawyers, sales agents, distributors and development gurus. Advance Party II (APII) is backed by Scottish Screen, the Irish Film Board, Zentropa and the UK Film Council's Development Fund.

YES! This is fantastic news indeed. As heralded earlier via the official Sigma Website, this is going to mean great things indeed for Sigma films. As mentioned a few posts earlier, Colin Kennedy has an ADVANCE PARTY 2 blog via the GetYourPeople site already set up for ADVANCE PARTY 2. Do not know if Colin himself is going to be blogging the production of whatever film, or even better-if UPDATES FROM EACH OF THE FILMS would be included on this blog, but ROCK ON. Another bold fresh approach from the minds of Gillian Berrie, David and Alastair Mackenzie and the whole team at Sigma who are willing to try, reach across boundries and bring new talent to the fore- great chance for many, esp the flourishing Irish film community, and Zentropa who are always impressive= this should be very very interesting to say the least. Same characters I wonder eight different ways? wow !
Like multiple fan fictions come to life heeeeeeee~
(still feel I should send in my fan fict backstory I wrote for Jackie's character in Red road lol!)


Richard Jobson's New Town Killers, starring Sigma's own ALASTAIR MACKENZIE will see High Flier Films handle the UK distribution (which means the film is gonna play at more than just Glasgow and Dublin film festivals WOOOOOT!) NTK producer Luc Roeg is quoted as saying: "High Fliers enthusiasm for the project and the ideas they have for the film's release make them the ideal partner for this British thriller. NTK attracted some very positive attention from the international buyers at the AFM and we are all excited to be working on its UK release."
Earlier, Independent had a big ole honking news ad atop the Screendaily site, noting NTK was screening at Berlin, one was yesterday, another is due soon-no word if an American distributor is sniffing around but fingers crossed on that!

Finally, Valhalla Rising is among the films on a Trust Sales promo film at Berlin- got a wee bit more on that, soon!
Note to new readers: Hell no, Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising is so not a Sigma film, but it stars my fave actor Jamie Sives and its my blog so follow his career at every turn is gonna be seen on the pages of this blog! :D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

David Mackenzie's Spread starring Ashton Kutcher to Open this month?

The UK film council has opened a new website called "FindAnyFilm" where film fans like you and me can go see if a film is available in the UK. The news article on this via Scottish Screen describes this as is a major industry first and the first time that anything like this has been delivered on the internet that indexes all available films in the UK. It is totally free and easy to use. Hours spent scanning newspapers, calling cinemas or scouring retailers or online sites for a much-desired film will be a thing of the past, solved by a few clicks and a matter of seconds.

So of course I look up Sigma and David Mackenzies work and lo and behold they have something on Spread, the new film starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche. Under the description of the film it distinctly reads

Due for release in cinemas: 20/02/2009

REALLY? That would be too good to be true. Given the film just got sold at Sundance I find it hard to believe they can turn it around so quickly and get a slot in theaters this month, but maybe so. If thats true and we have seen almost zero in regular marketing I have to wonder but am also motivated to ask this yet again:


Related: Check out all the entries for
(viewing options and general info for most of these, so be sure to click both tabs!!!)
2)YOUNG ADAM (apparently many of these have trailer or something but I couldnt get it to work, prob blocked cause Im an american and god knows we mustnot share information with rest of world ..;/)

In addition and because I can
Including Sigma's SUPERIOR FILM "Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself"

David Mackenzie Weighs in on Selections at Glasgow Film Festival

It is hard to be motivated to up and blog when all you want to do is burrow under the covers and die...which is pretty much where my head wants to be at the moment, but like that poor groundhog they haul out for the media hoopla here in the States, I gotta emerge and get the hell on with it. If anyone is still reading this, actually am sorry for the lack of updates of late, had scores of other projects to launch, job, a cold, and joy upon joy, ice came crashing thru the roof of the garage in one of the storms. Yippee for being a homeowner with not enough insurance to cover it...

Anyway, no cares bout that on to more interesting matter: A magazine called the Skinny has a piece online regarding the Glasgow Film Festival where they spoke with several people from the Glasgow film scene, and one of them was none other than Sigma's David Mackenzie. Always so lovely to hear from David, dearly dearly missed at Sundance btw!!! :((((( In this piece, David lists some of the films on his agenda or those that have piqued his interest this festival. Quotage as follows:

“I am very happy that I will be in Glasgow for the GFF this year. And what better time to get lost in cinema than a wet, dark February. Here are a few things that caught my eye from this year’s programme

Good: I saw the play this is based on at Perth Rep when I was about 16 (over 25 years ago!) and I’ve never forgotten it. So I am interested to see how it makes it to the screen.

Bronson: The screenplay was written by a friend - I read it and it’s bound to be extreme. I’ve heard Tom Hardy’s performance is full on.

The Black Audio Film Collective These ‘80s trailblazers gave a lecture at my college. I remember Handsworth Songs being a surprisingly beautiful, poetic and poignant study of racial unrest. I would love to see their stuff again.

True Things: The Short Films of Miranda July (from the Shorts Film Festival) If her feature Me and You and Everyone We Know and her other work in other media are anything to go by, these shorts are going to be interesting.

Robin and Marion (from the Audrey Hepburn retrospective) A lovely post-heroic romance with Sir Sean in one of his best.

Infinite Space – The Architecture of John Lautner I spent most of last year in LA and I left with a significant appreciation of Lautner, so I am looking forward to this film by Scots director Murray Grigor. And anyway, I love just turning up at film festivals and going to the first thing I can get a ticket for. Happy viewing!”

Related: AS a reminder, New Town Killers, starring David's brother (and co-Sigma founder) Alastair Mackenzie is screening at the Film Festival on February 16. Director Richard Jobson is due to make remarks/answer questions. No word if Alastair or any of his co-stars such as Dougray Scott will be in attendence. Tickets remain available via this link.

Also Morag Mckinnon, director of "Rounding up Donkeys" (the 2nd in the Advance Party film trilogy) is speaking on Saturday, February 14 for the "From Shorts to Features" presentation at the festival. No word if she will actually discuss Donkeys, because any info on this film has been (imo quite illogically) locked away in dungeon of darkness and your guess is as good as mine on what is going on with that. Doesnt bode well imo and other film website workers Ive discussed on this tactic, but hope remains eternal really but still.