Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Photo of Jamie Sives from Valhalla Rising

Reminder: Tomorrow, New Town Killers screens at the Dublin Film Fest. No idea if Alastair will be there (doubtful but hope is eternal). Also screening tomorrow at both the Dublin fest and Glasgow Film Festival is Last Chance Harvey. Now NO this is not in any way shape or form a Sigma film related thing, however my fave actor Jamie Sives apparently has a bit part in the film. I do not know if he made the cut , or even better lol will be at any of the screenings, but there you go.

Speaking of the smokin' Mr Sives, new photos and a short report from the filming of Valhalla Rising made their way online last week. Jamie Sives stars in this new film along side his former Wilbur co-star Mads Mikkelsen, and VH was filmed in Scotland, with many Scottish crew and FCGlasgow used as the base for the new Nicholas Refn film. Fangoria has this short article, with new photos of Mads, Nic Refn and of course JAMIE, with quotage of interest as follows:

“I’m used to Nicolas’ working methods by now,” says Mads Mikkelsen, whose turns in the first two PUSHERs led him to the lead villain’s role in CASINO ROYALE, and who plays VALHALLA’s One Eye (second photo). “Although quite how my fellow cast members [including Jamie Sives, Gary Lewis and Gordon Brown] coped, I have no idea. But most of them seemed intrigued by being included in the directing process to an unprecedented degree. Nothing about Nicolas is standard, and that’s what makes him so special. He had this crazy idea to make a Viking movie, despite hating Viking movies. He wanted it filled with gory horror and science-fiction imagery so it would be completely different from anything else out there. He wanted me to play a mute God metaphor. And it’s being filmed mainly in slow-motion!

I've also uploaded some high res versions of a couple of the pics on my flickr, notably of Mads here. While I was surfing around on flickr, I saw an extra on the film has uploaded some cool behind the scenes of a VH shoot in the Highlands. What is really cool is to see this shot from user Thom C of this now famous pic of Mads. Quite a difference what goes on behind the scenes and what the audience sees on the big screen. man I LOVE FILMS and while its all old stuff and nothing new to anyone whose ever made a film, for fans its always cool to see stuff like this, and I for one remain entirely appreciative they release these things and others like mr C upload them for us to enjoy! Cheers!

At last word, Valhalla Rising is set for release in August, 2009. For more on
Mads Mikkelsen and Valhalla Rising
be sure to check out MADS ONLINE.NET and Valhallagirl2008 YouTube Channel.


  1. Interesting :-)

    I've never really understood your passion for Jamie Sives, but three days ago I finally watched Wilbur wants to kill himself. You're SO right about him :-D !


  2. Hi Marit!

    YAY!!! I'm sooo glad you watched Wilbur...wasn't it a wonderful film? Did you like it, what did you think? I thought Jamie was especially superb (besides takes my breath away drop dead handsome lol)

    Cheers! :)

  3. Hey Sue!
    Well, that's another one converted!
    Glad you enjoyed Wilbur Marit.
    I only discovered Jamie in January 2008 when I saw To The Ends Of The Earth - those sailor uniforms does it every time ;-) Wilbur followed shortly and I LOVE watching it.

    Thanks for the pic of Jamie from Valhalla Rising.


  4. Sorry, didn't see this until now. Yes, Wilbur was superb and wonderful. I had to record it :-). Jamie has this look that brings out something spesial in every woman...