Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Official: New Town Killers Trailer!

Here it is, the brand new trailer for Richard Jobson's NEW TOWN KILLERS starring Dougray Scott, Sigma Films own Alastair Mackenzie and James Anthony Pearson. Enjoy!


  1. what a great trailer, THANK SO MUCH for posting!

    OMG now I really think I wanna see the movie... My fave actors and His Magesty Edinburgh (OMG I think I'd love to set a movie there in the future.. I mean if one day I could enough money to make a real FEATURE film I'd LOVE to set it in Edinburgh) LOL .... and I'd like A.Mackenzie to star in it... well I shouldn't have drunk so much coffee to day, now I'm just daydeaming :))))))))))

  2. MaJesty. I meant to write maJesty.. omg I have to make another cup of coffee... :) lol

  3. Thanks for putting this up! We saw more Alastair in the previous trailer, but I think this will reach a wider audience.

    Helgeis, if you do make that feature film with AM in, I'll be your assistant ;-).


  4. Helegis,
    Count me in as another helping hand for your future film ;)

    Thanks for the update and a wee part out of the film.


  5. Hey Maddie, THANK you! I think I'm gonna appreciate any help when filming in Edinburgh! :)))))))))))))))))))