Tuesday, February 17, 2009

(UPDATED) Video Interview: Richard Jobson, James Anthony Pearson on New Town Killers

STV has a new video interview online today, with director Richard Jobson and actor James Anthony Pearson (Control) where they discuss NEW TOWN KILLERS, which made its Scottish premiere last night at the Glasgow Film Festival. While unfortunately there is nary a mention of Alastair Mackenzie ALAS who stars in the film with Dougray Scott, you can see new clips from the film, as well has hear some solid and engaging conversation from Richard re the subject matter of the film, choosing Edinburgh for the location and the film scene in Glasgow.


UPDATE 2: VIDEO of some of Post Screening Q & A online from Glasgow Film Festival (no mention of Alastair again lol) but still Mr Jobson and James are interviewed)

New Town Killers with Richard Jobson and James Anthony Pearson from Glasgow Film Festival on Vimeo.

UPDATE 100,012 ;) STV has a very interesting interview with Mr. Jobson, who makes some pointed and honest remarks on "new Town" Edinburgh. Some additional quotage of interest:

“I still live there and everywhere I walk in that city is a film location to me,” said the director.

He continued, “I’m not really interested in the heritage trail type of cinema, films about the past, I’m more interested in taking the locations and throwing them into a very modern context, even science fiction.”

In a separate piece, Mr. Jobson also noted his upcoming works, talking about Hallam Foe's Claire Forlani and her husband Dougray Scott in Macbeth. He also speaks BOUT FILMING IN SCOTLAND USING LOCAL TALENT AND CREW! yes :)

UPDATE: New review in the press of NTK, this from icScotland, where the author declares "I found a Scottish diamond." Noting this as a hidden gem of the Glasgow Film Festival, the review was very complimentary on the acting of the film, as well as the music: "The Filthy Tongues and the Flykillers (who scored the film) kept moving the film forward with it’s excellent soundtrack." The piece concluded with props must go to Jobson and his technical crew. They have managed to create magic on a shoe-string budget and a film that is certain to become a cult classic of Scottish Cinema.

Great news! :D

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  1. Thanks for posting this!

    Only Richard Jobson and James Anthony Pearson attended the premiere last night. No Alastair, unfortunately.