Friday, February 20, 2009

Footage of Film City Glasgow on New Franz Ferdinand DVD

It was a dark and snowy night, when this hapless blogger realised that yet again she had failed, after having just learned of footage of FILM CITY GLASGOW and Franz Ferdinand freely available for weeks now on Youtube.

A sad state of affairs indeed, as said blogger knew full well last month that there was a DVD on the special box set of Franz Ferdinand's TONIGHT, containing a 40 minuted Documentary on the making of the CD, parts of which were shot at Film City Glasgow. However said blogger, being of varying states of mental capacity, multiple states of work induced stress, crimped cash flow, travelitus, a fair bit of drunkenness, and otherwise disgraceful states of oblivion best left for sitcom characters, proved unworthy of her journalism career and long held hard core fan on the lookout skills, and completely ignored Youtube...Youtube, better known as the last hope for all fans...However once scouring the promised land, blogger hit the mirage in the desert was thus was delivered from her state of ignorance (and spared the $60.00 to buy aforementioned box set) when alerted to a lovely acoustic rendition of Katherine Kiss me (which apparently also was part of a BBC broadcast over the holidays, but as blogger has zero access to those shows being blocked here in the US the point is moot)

*flushes head in toilet*

Right, CHECK IT OUT: Footage galore and lovely chatter from the fabulous four lads of Franz on recording at Film City Glasgow. FILM CITY GLASGOW, for those just joining in,
is home to the TRIFECTA OF S...SIGMA FILMS, Serious Facilities and Savalas Sound amoung many other great companies/tennants/cool folk in the developing Digital quarter of Glasgow. Film City Glasgow is run by Tiernan Kelly.

ENJOY the band, solo Nick and more....soooo beautiful, I love these clips; thanks ever so much for uploading this music and FCG footage guys!

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