Monday, February 16, 2009

New Town Killers Screens Today in Glasgow

Richard Jobson's New Town Killers screens today at the Glasgow Film Festival. This movie, which stars Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie is showing as part of the festival. Over the past few weeks there has been several press pieces with the focus solely on Richard Jobson and one of his leading men, Dougray Scott, however no word alas from Al. I know that several readers are going to the film today, so perhaps they will get to see Alastair if he attends; last word is that James Pearson is doing the presenting, along with Mr. Joboson. As a reminder however, the film also screens this weekend in Dublin, so there is always hope for an appearance there!

Speaking of Dougray Scott, the Daily Record ran a piece this morning featuring a new interview with the actor, and he spoke about the uncanny timing of one of the theme of the film and the calamity in the world ecconomic state we are facing in real life. Quotage:

Dougray said: "The fact that Jobson wrote this before all the banking collapses is incredible."Alastair's character at one point in the game says it's going too far and my character says 'why do you think that?' "He says 'because it's wrong, I care.' "And my character says: 'No you don't. You just think you care.'

"And in the same way bankers claim they care about the economy.

"They don't, they just care about themselves.

"The reason we are in this mess in a worldwide scale is because of greed.

"People are losing their homes. It's the people in the lower end of society are baring the brunt of it. These people who have lost millions will be fine, they'll be back."

Related: A banking website or something has an article on this, only they WOEFULLY get the cast wrong, but it does contain a new quote from an individual from the mysterious British Film institute.

It shows Dougray as a cold-hearted hedge fund banker who turns killer for kicks, playing a 12-hour game of hunt, hide and seek with underprivileged people, according to the paper.

“In creating a scenario where the well-heeled and privileged prey on the poor and deprived, director Richard Jobson is clearly wearing political concerns on his sleeve in his latest film, and is to be admired for it.” Says Michael Hayden, of the British Film Institute, “Yet New Town Killers is not bleeding-heart social commentary, but an ambitious and kinetic thriller, a tension-packed joyride through Edinburgh streets; it is obvious Jobson knows the city well, and that he loves it, he presents it wonderfully.”

Here are interviews of late w/RJ on the NTK movie, scant mention of Al however
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