Friday, February 6, 2009

Big News from Berlinale: Sigma Films Glasgow Launches Advance Party 2!

Big news today from Berlinale, where Sigma Films of Glasgow, Scotland has launched another great film initiative: Advance Party 2. Following on the premise of the original Advance Party Trilogy
(ie RED ROAD, upcoming DONKEYS and unknown 3 which all feature same characters in three films, different premise each movie)
this new project involves a project with Zentropa of Denmark, and Subotica Entertainment of Ireland.

Screen Daily has the early word that EIGHT NEW FILMS are slated from emerging UK and Irish filmmakers.
The writers/directors taking part in the scheme are:
Paul Wright, Adrian McDowall (Scotland)
Esther May Campbell, Daniel Mulloy (England)
Enda Hughes (Northern Ireland),
Rory Bresnihan, Ciaran Foy (Ireland)
Steph Green (Ireland/ U.S.A)

More information is due to be released later today (prob hit the net tomorrow) and according to the article, while at the festival, the "filmmakers will take part in a week-long series of workshops during the festival focussing on creating the 'Advance Party community' and the business elements of filmmaking. They will be working with visiting directors, writers and actors as well as lawyers, sales agents, distributors and development gurus. Advance Party II (APII) is backed by Scottish Screen, the Irish Film Board, Zentropa and the UK Film Council's Development Fund.

YES! This is fantastic news indeed. As heralded earlier via the official Sigma Website, this is going to mean great things indeed for Sigma films. As mentioned a few posts earlier, Colin Kennedy has an ADVANCE PARTY 2 blog via the GetYourPeople site already set up for ADVANCE PARTY 2. Do not know if Colin himself is going to be blogging the production of whatever film, or even better-if UPDATES FROM EACH OF THE FILMS would be included on this blog, but ROCK ON. Another bold fresh approach from the minds of Gillian Berrie, David and Alastair Mackenzie and the whole team at Sigma who are willing to try, reach across boundries and bring new talent to the fore- great chance for many, esp the flourishing Irish film community, and Zentropa who are always impressive= this should be very very interesting to say the least. Same characters I wonder eight different ways? wow !
Like multiple fan fictions come to life heeeeeeee~
(still feel I should send in my fan fict backstory I wrote for Jackie's character in Red road lol!)


Richard Jobson's New Town Killers, starring Sigma's own ALASTAIR MACKENZIE will see High Flier Films handle the UK distribution (which means the film is gonna play at more than just Glasgow and Dublin film festivals WOOOOOT!) NTK producer Luc Roeg is quoted as saying: "High Fliers enthusiasm for the project and the ideas they have for the film's release make them the ideal partner for this British thriller. NTK attracted some very positive attention from the international buyers at the AFM and we are all excited to be working on its UK release."
Earlier, Independent had a big ole honking news ad atop the Screendaily site, noting NTK was screening at Berlin, one was yesterday, another is due soon-no word if an American distributor is sniffing around but fingers crossed on that!

Finally, Valhalla Rising is among the films on a Trust Sales promo film at Berlin- got a wee bit more on that, soon!
Note to new readers: Hell no, Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising is so not a Sigma film, but it stars my fave actor Jamie Sives and its my blog so follow his career at every turn is gonna be seen on the pages of this blog! :D

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