Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(Updated) Colin Kennedy's "I Love Luci" A Scottish Short Film Gem of the Year

Huzzah!!! Scottish Screen actually agrees with lowly me as today they have a new article online that in a nutshell means: Colin Kennedy's upcoming "I Love Luci" is one of the Short Film Gems of the year!


or will be, I firmly believe this!

In a piece about the great short films we can expect to see this year (and funded in part from SS I believe) they mention Sigma's own Colin Kennedy and the new short film he and Brian Coffey and co have made. Quotage:

I Love Luci is a witty, tender tale of missing teeth, unrequited love and one dog’s potential to shape the fortunes of a couple destined never to be together. The film is written and directed by Colin Kennedy and produced by Brian Coffey for Sigma Films, one of the most exciting production companies in Scotland.


Damn straight it is ! wheeeee!

As we know, Sigma has a long tradition of quality short films, as David, Al and Gillian Berrie have a firm background in making these films before later branching out into full length films. With their involvement with the Advance Party initiatives, they have worked with some directors who did wonderful short films (such as Andrea Arnold and Morag Mckinnon, Johnny Barrington, Paddy, Colin etc and now Adrian McDowall and the others who form the AP 2 project). I APPLAUD them for being brave and taking this step-you never know unless someone gives you a chance, and this is precisely what Sigma is doing: taking those upcoming directors and working with them to create fresh, original full length films BRAVO!!
You can learn more about some of the films Sigma has made in the past via this link to the official Sigma website.

It should be noted that Colin Kennedy is the author of the Hallam Foe blog and is a full fledged filmmaker of his own right. At last word, the spec
ial effects are done on I Love Luci, and (possibly Savalas???) sound work is being done on the new film.
I Love Luci is written and directed by Colin Kennedy, and stars Colin Harris (The Damned United) and Camilla Rutherford (Gosford Park).

UPDATE: The Evening Times ran a great new profile on actor Colin Harris, who stars in Luci, and will be making his first major motion picture appearance in The Damned United which opens on March 27. While there is no mention of Luci alas, the article mentions the new film co-stars Martin Compston (Sigmas Red Road, Donkeys) and has a fun quote what it was like for actor Colin Harris the first day he arrived to film the football (soccer) movie.

"I checked into the hotel and the guy said The Damned United lot are just round here'. I walked in and there were Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall and Martin Compston. I thought, I think I'm in a wee bit over my head here!"

For his part Colin had to undergo an hour-long transformation, including a 70s-style wig.

He said: "The wig caused some problems - if I had to head the ball half the wig came off!"

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