Saturday, April 30, 2011

Alastair Mackenzie Hikes and Bikes for Maggie's Centre

Alastair Mackenzie is meeting another Monster! This one however is a much more real and much more serious monster than his recent family film. It's a Monster Bike & Hike over the gorgeous highlands of Scotland, all in an effort to raise money to combat an all too real monster and horrible one at that -cancer. This year, Al joined in with some friends to take part in the annual Maggie's Centre Monster Hike and Bike where he and his team, the Almost Whites completed the grueling course in 12 hours, in hopes of raising some money and awareness for this charity. Al finished the event as noted here-------------------------->
but this battle and ongoing efforts by the charity continues. If you can and are able and willing, YOU CAN HELP NOW AND DONATE HERE AT AL'S OFFICIAL BIKE & HIKE DONATION PAGE where Al wrote the following:

I'm heading to Fort William to take part in the Monster Bike and Hike Challenge in aid of the remarkable and inspiring Maggie's cancer charity and I need your support if you can give it. I have recently seen two young friends suffer horribly from cancer and I'm sure we all know people who are affected. Maggie's is such a worthy cause and do so much extraordinary work in helping cancer sufferers and I am very keen to help them as best as I can. I'm mountain biking for 30 miles and then hiking for 22 miles. It will take about 12 hours and I'll have some blisters. It'd be great if you could help me by donating some hard earned cash if you can.

We are hoping to see some photos of Al at/during this event and will update if possible ( Im sure he's off now having a well earned rest nursing some blisters) Cheers and Kudos to you Alastair, your teammates and all who took part in this event!!! Mostly however good thoughts and continued good support to wonderful charities like Maggies, Eilidh Brown and St. Jude (charity near and dear to me) who effort and work ceaselessly in the ongoing battle against cancer.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" to Screen at Seattle Film Festival

Another bit of cool news now, as Variety is reporting that David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" will be screening next month at the Seattle Film Festival. This is all part of a series of films due to be screened as part of a tribute to Perfect Sense star EWAN MCGREGOR who will be honored at the film. While no ticket or exact time is yet available, these seems to be taking place on May 22; updates to follow as possible. Congratulations to Ewan!

Here is the press release via the official SFF website:

In recognition of his illustrious career, Ewan McGregor will receive this years’ Golden Space Needle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting at a special tribute event featuring a screening of his new film, Beginners (USA), on Sunday, May 22 at the Egyptian Theatre. A special tribute dinner for Mr. McGregor and 75 guests will take place immediately following the screening and interview at Prava Studios and will be prepared by James Beard Award-winning chef, Thierry Rautureau of Rover’s and Luc Restaurants in Seattle. Tickets for the dinner are $250, which includes reserved seating to the tribute event, and are available for purchase at

Special retrospective screenings of Moulin Rouge! and Peter Greenaway’s The Pillow Book, and the Seattle premiere of another of Mr. McGregor’s new films, David Mackenzie’s Perfect Sense, will also be featured at the Festival.

Tickets Remain for Advance Party Screenings at East End Film Festival

Reminder: Once the excitement of the royal happenings have swept by, London will also be the setting for another equally exciting event: Back to Back screenings of Sigma's acclaimed Advance Party Series at the East End Film Festival! :)
Saturday, 30 April, will see the London premiere of Morag McKinnon's DONKEYS with JAMES COSMO, KATE DICKIE AND MARTIN COMPSTON due to take part in a Q & A after the event at the Rich Mix! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS while you still can. Then, on Sunday 1 May, its a special showing of the critically acclaimed film that started it all-Andrea Arnold's "Red Road" Yep back on the big screen; tickets for this event at the Aubin Cinema are HERE. GO. ENJOY! (and pls tweet pics :D)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Report: Kevin McKidd to Star in Colin Kennedy's "Atlantic Bridge"

More fantastic news today, this in the form of news regarding Sigma's own Colin Kennedy and his first feature film "Atlantic Bridge." As readers here already know, Colin has been working hard developing this film, written by the excellent Andrea Gibb (Sigma's hit Dear Frankie) Today, Brian from the Daily Record was kind enough to let me know of his new interview with acclaimed Scottish actor Kevin McKidd (current star of ABC's mega hit Grey Anatomy). In the interview, Kevin brought us some wonderful news that he hopes to star in Atlantic Bridge! AWESOME! Quotage:

"I'm hoping to do a low budget film for Sigma Films with Andrea Gibb, who I did Afterlife with and who has written an amazing script - like The Big Chill but in Scotland. "

Colin has confirmed that yes indeed the script is done, and they are working hard on getting all the pieces in place (financing etc) before possibly SHOOTING THIS SUMMER! FINGERS CROSSED this will work out, just excellent news for Sigma and Colin Kennedy fans! You can learn more about Colin via the website for his multi award-winning short film I LOVE LUCI, here.

New Video Interview: David Mackenzie at SXSW

Check it out! A brand new video interview from I think the Washington Times with Sigma's own DAVID MACKENZIE, as he discusses the US premiere of his newest film YOU INSTEAD at the SXSW film festival held recently in Texas. In the interview David not only discusses the challenges of filming at a rock concert, but also WORKING WITH HIS BROTHER ALASTAIR MACKENZIE yay! :) (bonus she totally does NOT mention Monarch but another part for Al which was way cool to hear mentioned in an interview!)

Also be sure to check out this second new interview with You Instead stars LUKE Treadaway and Nat from the film festival! :)

Finally, before anyone fusses at me, NO I still have no idea on when the new trailer is coming out sorry :((

Advance Party Hits London with East End Film Festival Screening of "Donkeys"

If you are going to be in London at the end of April/begining of May there is a great chance to see BOTH ADVANCE PARTY FILMS with the new announcement from Sigma. Film two in the series, "Donkeys" will make its premiere in London on 30 April as part of the East End Film Festival on 30 April at 8:30pm (Festival page for the film here). Tickets for the showing at Rich Mix can be found right here at this link. There will be a Q & A with director MORAG MCKINNON and an actor from the film (not sure if its James, Kate is off filming Ridley Scott's new film so dunno who will be there; will update on this asap) VERY COOL NEWS

Reminder then the VERY NEXT DAY ON 1 MAY, the first film in the Advance Party trio RED ROAD will screen over in Shoreditch at The Aubin Cinema, with tickets STILL AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK (Morag Mckinnon will also be there discussing the differences/similarities to her film and that of Andrea Arnolds Red Road, should be FANTASTIC opportunity for true film fans to get some great insight into this ground-breaking series from Sigma Films)

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Red Road" to Screen in London Sunday, 1 May

Very cool news today from Sigma as their award-winning film "Red Road" will be seen in theatres again. For one day only in an event called "Advance Party Revisited" fans can catch Andrea Arnold's excellent film Red Road when it screens at The Aubin Cinema Shoreditch London on Sunday, 1 May. This special event will feature a very special Q & A session following the showing of the first in the three Advance Party series (ie a set of characters who are seen in three different films/storylines but are the same character). Due at the Q & A are Sigma's own super producer Anna Duffield, along with star Kate Dickie, plus in a very cool happening, director Morag McKinnon will be there to discuss the differences and similarities between film one (Red Road) and her film in the series, "Donkeys" AWESOME!
Red Road stars the superb Kate Dickie, Tony Curran and Martin Compston. Trailer for this excellent series drama film can be seen below.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stars from Sigma Films to Appear in "Game of Thrones"

Several of some of the best actors from Scotland will be appearing in the upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones which premieres in just a few days (and will be seen in the UK on Sky Atlantic on April 18-be sure to check their official site here) Based on the best-selling book by author George R. R. Martin, the series also has a few faces well know to fans of Sigma Films.

JAMES COSMO. Well known for his many diverse roles in huge blockbusters such as Braveheart, James Cosmo was the recent star in his critically-acclaimed turn in Sigma's Donkeys directed by Morag McKinnon (the second installment in the Advance Party series, be sure to check out the hilarious trailer here) In Game of Thrones you James will be appearing as a much more serious character named Old Bear (Jeor Mormont), commander of the Night Watch.

KATE DICKIE. Well known and most beloved to those of Sigma fans, this hugely talented Scottish actress was most recently seen alongside James in Donkeys, where she reprises of sorts her award winning turn in Red Road. HBO has now released in glorious high definition a new "making of" feature on the upcoming Game of Thrones that features new interview with Kate Dickie on her role as Lysa Arryn for the series (starts at around 19:00 mark). Enjoy!

JAMIE SIVES. Several years after his award-winning turn in the tile role for Sigma's Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself, Jamie Sives also recently appeared in David Mackenzie's excellent Hallam Foe. Currently, Jamie can be seen portraying the role of Jory Cassel, right hand man to Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean). At this link, you can read my exclusive interview with Jamie on the part, as well as see many new shots of Jamie filming as Jory in the above "making of " feature for Game of Thrones.
Update: Brian from the Daily Record also very kindly let me know about his new interview with Jamie Sives on his role, where Jamie notes " "Even if you're not a huge fan of fantasy, you're going to like this. We had a great time making the series and, having seen the first few episodes, I was really delighted with the way it all turned out." Yes :))

Natalia Tena. Star of the newest film from Sigma YOU INSTEAD, Nat hangs up her guitar and takes on a decided and much wilder look in Game of Thrones where she appears as Osha.

Other Scottish actors of note also appearing in the ten part series include:
Ron Donachie (Taggert, Rebus)
as Lord Rodrik Cassel, uncle to Jamie Sives' Jory
TRIVIA: Jamie and Ron also appeared in the very same episode of Doctor Who..."Tooth and Claw"

Iain Glen (Sir Jorah Mormont).
very fine actor, def needs to be on our screens more.

Rory McCann (In Clash o T w/Jamie, Rockface and yes in Monarch w/Al in season one :)
Plays the Hound aka Sandor Clegane, keep an eye on this character.

Emun Elliot (Marillion)

Richard Madden (Hope Springs-filmed at FCM! :D) Richard, from the outskirts of Glasgow will be taking on the part of Robb Stark, eldest son of Ned. Already gaining much popularity with many fans for his good looks, you can read more about this young actor with a huge future here via the Herald and in the Telegraph.


Interviews Update: Jamie Updates IMDB page, to be featured in Fault Magazine

Quick but WONDERFUL update now as actor Jamie Sives continues on his quest to kill me. :P Jamie has now updated his IMDB photos page with a slew of interview pages from the past including those from Empire magazine and Total Film, some older THEATRE PHOTOS (MANY which are new to me WONDERFUL STUFF of Jamie and Joseph Fiennes) and of note, a photo taken by his colleague COLIN FARRELL on the set of Triage.

PRESS WATCH: Jamie was interviewed by THE SUN lol, bless em with a piece titled "I'm in TV's sexiest show, but I didn't score once."



MOVIE hunk Jamie Sives was left gutted after starring in sex-filled TV epic Game Of Thrones - as his character DIDN'T get lucky.

Jamie, 37, plays hardman bodyguard Jory Cassel in the £40million fantasy spectacular, which debuts on Sky Atlantic this month.

The megabucks show could become more famous for its monster BONKS than battles. But the Edinburgh actor - who's pals with legendary lothario Russell Brand - was left disappointed when he didn't get in on the action.

He said: "This time, I just had the fighting to do and there was no sex for my character.

"It's funny, I've had my fair share through the years but not this time around." The ten-parter, made by US TV giants HBO, is expected to be as big as blockbuster Boardwalk Empire, and MTV have dubbed it the 'Medieval Sopranos'. "You had to watch what you were doing to make sure you didn't get a sword through the head."I got a few wee cuts and bruises but I love doing s*** like that."He added: "There's a LOT of sword-fighting and violence. There are children in the show but it's probably not one for the kids."



Important: JAMIE SIVES WILL BE FEATURED in the new Summer issue of FAULT MAGAZINE (out in June apparently) profiled there along with his Game of Thrones colleagues, actor JOSEPH MAWLE and HARRY LLOYD. Anyone with scans please have pity on me and send them in to

(now stop killing me for the moment, gotta make it through GoT you know! ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Perfect Sense Poster as Big as My Bed but Not as Big as my love for Sigma!

In the mail today...a gift, two gifts, two posters, one designed by Colin from a film series I adore, and one GIANT PERFECT SENSE POSTER
to me!
Holy senses of joy! Signed by David who I adore and admire so much
perfectly AWESOME

(gah I know lol Sorry but you knew something like that had to be coming! :))))

Dear David...Surely you must know what this meant to me, so no need to blather on with all emotional sop, except to say my continued support admiration thanks and my heart to you and ALL AT SIGMA
me, luckiest fan in the land xxx

Friday, April 8, 2011

Possible Description of Colin Kennedy's "Atlantic Bridge"

As things move into the distribution phase for several of the newest films from Sigma of late ("Donkeys"-possible DVD, "Perfect Sense"- in cinemas everywhere this fall, and "You Instead" -new trailer hopefully still yet to come, sorry for those who have been waiting with me) time to turn our attention to the new projects in the works. One of which is the first feature film from award-winning director Colin Kennedy. He is at work on a piece called "Atlantic Bridge" with acclaimed screenwriter Andrea Gibb, she who wrote the excellent "Dear Frankie" for Sigma.

A tentative description of AB has now surfaced online which describes the film as a "drama" about "Three couples descend on their old party haunt for a reunion to discover life is even more complex than it seems in your late-thirties."hmmm a twist on the Big chill maybe, but dunno about how accurate this is. Regardless, seems very cool indeed and I CANT WAIT!
To learn more about Colin and his award-winning short film I Love Luci, be sure to visit the official site here, and the Facebook page for it here.

Sigma Films can also be found on the web via their website here at this link, and at their official Facebook page, here.

As its now April and time is springing forward lol, given the huge and often overwhelming amount of news that happened in the first few months, will try and do a recap for each of the films/segments this weekend. Regardless, its going to be a HUGE summer/fall for Sigma on screens EVERYWHERE! :)

Jamie Sives to Return to Stage in Production of "The Pride"

Theatre news today: Actor Jamie Sives will mark a return to the boards as this summer he will be appearing in a production of "The Pride" at THE SHEFFIELD CRUCIBLE STUDIO THEATRE in June. In a limited run, Jamie will be appearing in the role of Philip who, as Jamie told me, is "same part that my best mate JJ (Feild) played so brilliantly at The Royal Court last year." AWESOME NEWS!

Running 23 June - 16 July, TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE HERE AT THIS LINK. Jamie also told me that this play is "being directed by a great actor and director,… and friend Richard Wilson. I'll be working with Daniel Evans with whom I worked on 'The Passion' and 'To The Ends of The Earth. He is also the Artistic Director of The Sheffield Cruclible. Its a great theatre and a great city. I worked there 10 years ago, shoving a burning hot poker up Joe Fiennes' arse every night in Michael Grandage's production of Edward II. It will only be a 3 week run but I'm really looking forward to it."

Again this is wonderful news! Jamie begins rehearsals next month. The Pride is described as follows:

1958. Philip is married to Sylvia, but he’s in
love with Oliver.

2008. A different love story is unfolding with a
strangely familiar trio…

Alexi Kaye Campbell’s astonishing debut play, with its candid and heartbreaking exploration of what happens between men and women, exploded onto the stage in 2008. Passionate, heartfelt and gripping, The Pride is about loyalty, loss and having the courage to stand up for who you really are. (Contains scenes of a sexual nature and strong language)