Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interviews Update: Jamie Updates IMDB page, to be featured in Fault Magazine

Quick but WONDERFUL update now as actor Jamie Sives continues on his quest to kill me. :P Jamie has now updated his IMDB photos page with a slew of interview pages from the past including those from Empire magazine and Total Film, some older THEATRE PHOTOS (MANY which are new to me WONDERFUL STUFF of Jamie and Joseph Fiennes) and of note, a photo taken by his colleague COLIN FARRELL on the set of Triage.

PRESS WATCH: Jamie was interviewed by THE SUN lol, bless em with a piece titled "I'm in TV's sexiest show, but I didn't score once."



MOVIE hunk Jamie Sives was left gutted after starring in sex-filled TV epic Game Of Thrones - as his character DIDN'T get lucky.

Jamie, 37, plays hardman bodyguard Jory Cassel in the £40million fantasy spectacular, which debuts on Sky Atlantic this month.

The megabucks show could become more famous for its monster BONKS than battles. But the Edinburgh actor - who's pals with legendary lothario Russell Brand - was left disappointed when he didn't get in on the action.

He said: "This time, I just had the fighting to do and there was no sex for my character.

"It's funny, I've had my fair share through the years but not this time around." The ten-parter, made by US TV giants HBO, is expected to be as big as blockbuster Boardwalk Empire, and MTV have dubbed it the 'Medieval Sopranos'. "You had to watch what you were doing to make sure you didn't get a sword through the head."I got a few wee cuts and bruises but I love doing s*** like that."He added: "There's a LOT of sword-fighting and violence. There are children in the show but it's probably not one for the kids."



Important: JAMIE SIVES WILL BE FEATURED in the new Summer issue of FAULT MAGAZINE (out in June apparently) profiled there along with his Game of Thrones colleagues, actor JOSEPH MAWLE and HARRY LLOYD. Anyone with scans please have pity on me and send them in to sweetonsigmafilms@gmail.com

(now stop killing me for the moment, gotta make it through GoT you know! ;)

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