Saturday, April 30, 2011

Alastair Mackenzie Hikes and Bikes for Maggie's Centre

Alastair Mackenzie is meeting another Monster! This one however is a much more real and much more serious monster than his recent family film. It's a Monster Bike & Hike over the gorgeous highlands of Scotland, all in an effort to raise money to combat an all too real monster and horrible one at that -cancer. This year, Al joined in with some friends to take part in the annual Maggie's Centre Monster Hike and Bike where he and his team, the Almost Whites completed the grueling course in 12 hours, in hopes of raising some money and awareness for this charity. Al finished the event as noted here-------------------------->
but this battle and ongoing efforts by the charity continues. If you can and are able and willing, YOU CAN HELP NOW AND DONATE HERE AT AL'S OFFICIAL BIKE & HIKE DONATION PAGE where Al wrote the following:

I'm heading to Fort William to take part in the Monster Bike and Hike Challenge in aid of the remarkable and inspiring Maggie's cancer charity and I need your support if you can give it. I have recently seen two young friends suffer horribly from cancer and I'm sure we all know people who are affected. Maggie's is such a worthy cause and do so much extraordinary work in helping cancer sufferers and I am very keen to help them as best as I can. I'm mountain biking for 30 miles and then hiking for 22 miles. It will take about 12 hours and I'll have some blisters. It'd be great if you could help me by donating some hard earned cash if you can.

We are hoping to see some photos of Al at/during this event and will update if possible ( Im sure he's off now having a well earned rest nursing some blisters) Cheers and Kudos to you Alastair, your teammates and all who took part in this event!!! Mostly however good thoughts and continued good support to wonderful charities like Maggies, Eilidh Brown and St. Jude (charity near and dear to me) who effort and work ceaselessly in the ongoing battle against cancer.

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