Friday, April 8, 2011

Possible Description of Colin Kennedy's "Atlantic Bridge"

As things move into the distribution phase for several of the newest films from Sigma of late ("Donkeys"-possible DVD, "Perfect Sense"- in cinemas everywhere this fall, and "You Instead" -new trailer hopefully still yet to come, sorry for those who have been waiting with me) time to turn our attention to the new projects in the works. One of which is the first feature film from award-winning director Colin Kennedy. He is at work on a piece called "Atlantic Bridge" with acclaimed screenwriter Andrea Gibb, she who wrote the excellent "Dear Frankie" for Sigma.

A tentative description of AB has now surfaced online which describes the film as a "drama" about "Three couples descend on their old party haunt for a reunion to discover life is even more complex than it seems in your late-thirties."hmmm a twist on the Big chill maybe, but dunno about how accurate this is. Regardless, seems very cool indeed and I CANT WAIT!
To learn more about Colin and his award-winning short film I Love Luci, be sure to visit the official site here, and the Facebook page for it here.

Sigma Films can also be found on the web via their website here at this link, and at their official Facebook page, here.

As its now April and time is springing forward lol, given the huge and often overwhelming amount of news that happened in the first few months, will try and do a recap for each of the films/segments this weekend. Regardless, its going to be a HUGE summer/fall for Sigma on screens EVERYWHERE! :)

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