Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photos from East End Film Festival Advance Party Films Screening at

Many thanks go to the fine people at the East End Film Festvial, who have uploaded a few photos from the Advance Party Films screenings held last week in London. Below we can see Donkeys director Morag McKinnon, the fabulous and gorgeous producer, Sigma's own Anna Duffield, along with the terrific cast: Martin Compston, Kate Dickie and the superb star James Cosmo.

Donkeys is the second film in the ground-breaking Advance Party series of films (quick descrip: take the same characters and set them in different premise over three films). The first film of course, was Andrea Arnolds award-winning Red Road which featured Kate Dickie in a remarkable fearless performance. In the photo below, Kate discusses her role in both films with the second films' director Morag McKinnon (along with Anna D)

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