Thursday, May 19, 2011

Perfect Time to Get Fired Up about Perfect Sense!

Loads of "Perfect Sense" news to catch up on! (sorry battered body/brain are slowly getting there and been a bit distracted by Sir Jory lol, but its all good and go from now on no worries)

The Seattle International Film Festival opens tonight and tickets for the 21st May screening of "Perfect Sense" are going quickly. It's not yet confirmed, but there seems to be a possibility that star Ewan McGregor may make an appearance at this screening (unclear from this SIFF news post on the guests hmm; it sure looks like it, woot!), but tickets for the special tribute to Ewan are now sold out! Take heart, for if you can't make the 21st showing, plenty of tickets yet remain for the 25 May showing at the Seattle festival still remain-CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the new FACEBOOK PAGE FOR PERFECT SENSE!

Also in the other major news of the week, TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE FOR THE UK PREMIERE of "Perfect Sense" at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Available right now for Filmhouse members, these sales open to the general public tomorrow (20th); more information can be found right here at this link. The film is premiering at the Cameo in Edinburgh 18 JUNE, then again the next night on the 19th. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! Arrow Films is distributing the film in the UK later this year, with IFC to handle the US-can.not.wait!

Two other cool related bits of news: Screen Daily confirms that yes indeed, Sigma Films' own GILLIAN BERRIE will take part in a special panel at the Edinburgh Film festival next month, in an event titled "Co-productions: why the British should love Europe" Absolutely! Sending good thoughts to Gillian and all who are lucky enough to attend this event.

Finally, Sigma continues to prove they are cutting edge filmmakers as they move into taking a larger role with the distribution of their films. Per the great folks at Creative Scotland, we learn that Sigma will take on some of the marketing for the release of both "Perfect Sense" and "You Instead," working closely with their distributors. Quotage:

Sigma Releasing: One of Scotland’s most prolific film production companies has created a new integrated business model which will allow them to co-release its films in the UK. Creative Scotland investment will allow them to contribute to the print and advertising costs of the UK release and allow it to reinvest the revenue generated from distribution across the range of its film activities.

Creative Scotland is investing £250,000 into Sigma Releasing.

Gillian Berrie, Director, Sigma Films said: ‘It’s great to have the resources to collaborate with Icon on You Instead and Arrow on Perfect Sense to support the UK releases and embrace and explore new distribution models and strategies.’

Also too the awesome Savalas Sound is getting a boost as they too will get some help from Creative Scotland:

La Belle Allée/Savalas Sound Post Equity Fund: A fund to allow sound post-production facility, Savalas to offer equity investment to attract international production to Scotland and discounts for locally produced feature films. Savalas is the only Dolby Premier studio outside of London and this fund would allow the company to attract large-scale projects and lead to the company becoming an equity stakeholder in the projects they invest in.

Creative Scotland is investing £125,000 in La Belle Allée/Savalas Sound Post Equity Fund.

Karen Smyth, Producer, La Belle Allée:‘La Belle Allée are delighted to be involved in the creation and running of a post-production equity investment fund, alongside Scotland’s leading sound post production facility, Savalas. We look forward to attracting high quality projects to Scotland, as well offering domestic production world-class facilities at an affordable price.’

The new initiatives will help inform Creative Scotland’s future film investment policy.The organisation also recently announced an increase in its film investment funds, bringing the total available for development and production of film and television in Scotland this year to £3 million.

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