Monday, February 23, 2009

Cast Watch: Kate Dickie to Star in "OutCast"

Here is another unrelated directly to Sigma films post, but a bit of news of one of my favorite actresses: Kate Dickie. [Quick Note that indeed Kate Dickie is the award winning actress seen in Sigma Films superb Red Road, and star of the second (sequel ish) installment in the Advance party series, Donkeys. ] The Sunday Herald reports that Kate will be starring in a new film called "OutCast," which actually sounds very cool. The paper describes it as "THE CELTIC mythology of the classic fantasy movie Highlander meets the sort of unglamorous, everyday realism of a Ken Loach drama in a new supernatural thriller set mainly on an Edinburgh housing scheme." The producer of the film, Eddie Dick, confirms this, and notes the use of "sith" and ancient roots of magic, two themes I'm particularly aware of ;)

"It's a Celtic horror film," said Dick, who is based in Edinburgh and is in charge of the Scottish end of production. The film is an Irish-Scottish co-production and already has a UK distributor in place, with the likelihood of a British cinema release later this year or in 2010.

"It is unlike horror in remote castles and ancient past and so on," said Dick. "It will have a realistic, urban feel about it, which does divide it off from the artificiality of Hammer and Universal (which was famous for its horror films in the early 1930s, including Frankenstein and Dracula).

"These were fine films in their way, but this is questioning the edge of the genre The story in a sense has a kind of social realist base, but it begins to develop and twist out of that quite quickly, and that's linked in with an exploration of Celtic mythology."

Outcast draws on ancient Scottish and Irish myths of the Sídhe or Síth, an ancient race with magical powers, which traditionally can include invisibility and the ability to see into the future.

SITH=JEDI =ultimate pwnage by the force of Jedi=pwnage continual by the superb Kate Dickie :)))

The paper continues:

The film begins in Ireland, but Mary and her teenage son, Fergal, go on the run and head for Edinburgh. They hope to find anonymity and security of having other Sídhe nearby. Mary wants them to keep their distance from humans, but Fergal finds himself drawn to an attractive teenage neighbour.

The film-makers will be shooting in such unglamorous locations as Niddrie, Muirhouse and Sighthill, as well as more familiar city centre locations.They will be shooting for three weeks in the Edinburgh area and two weeks in Galway.

According to her agent, Kate is also shooting a new film in Ireland called "Shelter" with John Lynn, but I have no additional info on that at the moment.

For those keeping score at home, bonus points will be issued to those who can guess the Strands of Sigma connection here....any guesses? Right JAMIE SIVES..

Wtf Sue you might ask lol? Well, James Nesbitt starred with JAMIE SIVES in The Passion, which as noted last march, aired on the BBC, with Jamie S starring as John and Nesbitt as Pontius Pilate. You can see a fantastic clip from the Passion, including Nesbitt at work and esp GREAT PERFORMANCE by Jamie Sives as an angry torn and fearful John confronting Jesus right before they make their way to Jerusalem.


  1. Sue,
    Thanks for the link to the clip of Jamie from The Passion. LOVED it! (ooh, I've said that 2 posts in a row *LOL*).

    Sorry for the delay in commenting this week, I did see them when they were posted, but it's taken me some time to get back into action after a bit of sad weekend, but every thing is back in action now!


  2. Filming started yesterday in Muirhouse

  3. Hi there!

    Thanks ever so much for the heads up! Info on anything about this film is so hard to come by, this is truly appreciated! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Filming today on Dalkeith High Street !