Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jamie Sives Attends Game of Thrones Fan/Cast Meet Up in Belfast

Many cast members from HBO's upcoming Game of Thrones series attended a special fan/cast meet-up Thursday night in Belfast. There are now some great new photos of the event, including some wonderful new photos of Jamie Sives (Jory) at this event with the lucky fans (even author George RR Martin was there!), with photos courtesy and belonging strictly to Martin/Wyvernwood here at Flickr or over at the site. Be sure to check out the earlier report here, as well as one from the equally excellent Westeros for more (additional pic of Jamie Sives too) on what looks to have been a truly amazing night-LUCKY (and many congrats for sure to SilverJamie and Jackie who got to meet and get pics and kisses from the man himself, wow!!!!!!!!! sooo cool, Jamie is really the best! :)

UPDATE: Jackie has updated her blog with more on the event, including this bit about her conversation with Jamie :D She writes:

James Sives was charming and had also visited my home town and towns near by "Tayport on Tay, by the Tay, the Port on the Tay. Not to be confused with Newport on Tay" ;) We had a fun argument as to here Ron Donachie was from since he was generalising it to Fundee (Dundee) and I was claiming he was a Fifer (it's a local thing but terribly important! ;).

Update 2: Jackie was also kind enough to let me know in the comments on her blog that Jamie also mentioned reviewing films for the BIFAs ( heh he needs to get teh lead out on watching that batch for sure oy, poor guy he's been so busy and now blammo!)
IMPORTANT She also said he mentioned that he is heading to LA after Thrones to try and break into the US scene ....!!! OH YEA! :))))))

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  1. It was so much fun keeping up with what was going on at the Moot via Twitter, even from this great distance! I was cheering on the wonderful Silverjamie! ;)

    The pics and reports are great. It would have been fantastic to be there. I hope Jamie enjoyed the event as much as everyone else did.

    I finished reading A Game of Thrones a couple of weeks ago (in record time for me!). It has me completely hooked. I've just started A Clash of Kings. Go Arya!! :)

    To Jamie: (if he reads this blog, that is!)
    Thank you for the second autograph!! That was a friend in London asking for the autograph for me. I had forgotten to tell her that I had written to you through Game Of Thrones and the wonderful Silverjamie and received a reply, so she had no idea why you knew my name!! I had a fun morning of text messages back and forth from her about it all. ;)

    Cheers to you all!