Monday, November 10, 2008

New Pics of Jamie Bell at "Defiance" Premiere

Jamie Bell drives in Style :) Or so the marketing/photo ops went for a red-carpet event in Hollywood

The fansites are awash in new Jamie Bell photos of late, especially since the premiere of Defiance, starring Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell, was held last night in Los Angeles, California. (Be sure to click that link to the Defiance website that has some additional background and testimonies about the story the film is based on as well as a nice bio of Jamie that mentions Hallam Foe). Online today, there is a brief interview with Jamie in one of the UK papers where he says:

"It feels like LA is so far away from there," added the 22-year-old. "It's unfortunate my family couldn't be here tonight but that's always going to be home for me for sure."

Jamie stars alongside 007 actor Daniel Craig in the movie, which is about Jewish brothers who join Russian resistance fighters to fight the Nazis in the Second World War. Despite Daniel being one of the biggest names in the movie world right now, Jamie insists there were no diva antics during filming in Lithuania."None of us went back to our trailers, we were in the woods and we'd all sort of hang out and drink coffee and be together, we really felt like we were part of a family," he said.

I have a few wire pics, be sure to check out this link to WireImage for loads more!

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  1. OMG OMG OMG can I be foolish and just SAY IT OUT LOUD? (Pardon me, everybdy, forgive me, Sigma films, sorry Hallam foe, izvini menya, Jamie Bell etc etc).
    .. I just HAVE TO SAY IT... well...

    OMG LIEV SCHREIBER!!!!!!!! Liev SCHREIBER!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH he's so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! (No I'm NOT drunk, though YES I might have drunk too much coffee...) But this man is so gorgeous (though 'hurray Jamie' and all the rest of it), but Lieve is so damn gorgeous!!! What a pity he's raising a family with Naomi Watts (lol)
    Just in case if they split up one day... could you please pass my number to Liev? (+89163890520)