Monday, November 24, 2008

Feel the Love People, Production Begins on I Love Luci!

Great news this week, as filming has officially begun on Colin Kennedy's short film I Love Luci! This is great news!

Quick background: Colin Kennedy, a filmmaker with Sigma Films of Glasgow, Scotland, served as the main author for what I call the real tales of Hallam Foe, seen via the GetYourPeople blog. Colin has made other films, music videos and the like, and has now embarked on a short film that has a been a labor of love. Its called I Love Luci, and the synopsis (relatively spoiler free) is:

I Love Luci is a comedy of missing teeth, an inappropriate paramour and one dog's ability to shape the fortunes of a couple destined never to be together.

Today is the last day Tommy has to win Marjory's heart before her man returns from another stint in the clink. But things aren't looking good. Marjory is totally pre-occupied by the fact she's lost her teeth, and it's about to get a whole lot worse.

I've been lucky enough to hear from Colin, who in many shades of awesomeness and kindness and class, patiently endures all my goofy mails full of !!!! and :))) and woots and yays! Word is things are going well on the shoot, great crew and cast at hand, and he's been very busy at the helm of this new film from Sigma. THANK YOU COLIN! I also noted too that on the FilmCityGlasgow Facebook group, that Luci is using that lovely facility as their production base,which is very cool as well.

Bonus news: Casting List for I LOVE LUCI! Check it out!

*Camilla Rutherford (if I have this right, she was in the superb Gosford Park, and I think the Edge of Love with Sigma co-founder and ace actor Alastair Mackenzie, plus Rome which of course starred Kevin McKidd and Ciaran Hinds- learn this for your future Six degrees of Sigma Films separation games ;) .... anyway, I think this is a great coup!)
*Colin Harris
*Sanjeev Kohli
*Jimmy Chisholm: This dude has been in some great films and UK shows, but gets bonus points cause he was in One Last Chance with my fave Jamie Sives...just sayin :)
*Marty Docherty
*Leo Horsefield
and of course WILSON AKA LUCI!

Note: no idea if all the dread imdb links are right, could be way the hell off, but I am trying. Will see if I can dig up some pics soon..
Currently am in New Orleans for the Thanksgiving holiday, and there's family time to spend, loads of rum to be drunk, turkey to be deep fried, oyster stuffing to be made and all sorts of indulgent,utterly non productive behavior at hand, plus 2 days of driving back-can I just say I am getting too old to drive that far anymore by myself bleh.

I Love Luci is a new short film by Colin Kennedy of Sigma Films
I believe that Gillian Berrie is serving as Exec Producer along with Brian Coffey as producer too. Not sure about the whole crew yet, but I have great faith there is an excellent team at hand working to make all of this to be another quality film from Sigma!

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