Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smile! Your Teeth are Missing!


*ahem* Pardon that temporary rambling LOL as the header of the official Sigma Blog has been taken over by the dread red rooster pic again. lol. And YES, I am sole person I predict that pays attention to completely insignificant things like this but there you go ;P

Right, speaking of pics, I've made it my mission to continue the dialogue on Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci for as long as I can (and it gets to screen at say Cannes or somewhere awesome, which it totally will cause I believe.)

Thus, in effort to do so, there are currently some FABULOUS set photos and making-of pics on the Facebook group for Luci (join join join!) As it's holiday time and there is lots of picture taking afoot, which requires lots of smiling, there is a great photo of the lead actress in Luci, Camilla Rutherford, smiling....and showing her missing teeth. :D

Now as we know Camilla is a lovely beautiful actress in 'real' life, and normally would not look like this naturally. I remember writing earlier this year about teeth lol, after Colin talked about a quest he had for special teeth via his official I Love Luci blog. He did not give too much away then, only mentioning a need for false teeth, plus one of the location scouting photos was of someplace relating to those pearly chompers. Coupled with the summary floating about of the film, Now NOW we can see how all of this has come into play. Smile :D

Btw the current article on the I Love Luci blog is about a possible sorta well not really mention of Luci in the press (well, there entire lack of mention of the name of the film MEH... FAIL TELEGRAPH) This example of inaccuracy on Camilla's role, while not life altering of course, makes me sad again for the blunders my profession can make and does make all the time. My thesis for my Doctorate is about sourcing in journalism and ties into crap reporting like that. alas.

ps I believe the above photo is courtesy of Nicole Stafford who is the makeup artist for the film I think. Man, I need a crew list or should make one here or something! Oohh a light bulb is going off in my dim fangirls head...


  1. I don't know what to do about that motherf******* rooster. If anyone can tell me how to replace it with my own pics I'd be most grateful. I hate that fucking thing.


  2. EEEPP! I hope I didnt piss you off, I surely did not mean too! OMG! :((((

    I so know you hate that rooster. oh man. well, I certainly hope someone out there can help, wish I could. I just dont know enough about writing proper codes,esp messing with templates to take it out so you can swap in proper pics. Useless I on this.

    *goes to flush head*

  3. Not angry with you at all, just frustrated I don't know how to use MT properly and don't have time enough to learn.


  4. OK - I can't take it anymore - I have to ask - FINALLY - as I've been seeing for how long now? all of these refs, Sue, to the rooster. I have never understood what it is, why it is, or ever was, etc.

    In other words - where did it come from in the first place? Forgive my ignorance on the history of said rooster but . . . ??

    Part of a sigma film maybe?

  5. Hi Anna!
    LOL sorrrrry I wasnt clear about the dread rooster. If you go to the Sigma blog website
    you will see their page, and as part of the template there is a photo of a goofy Rooster. It came with the program they use to publish their blog (part of the templates just like we can choose a template/layout styles to make our blogs here).

    Obviously it sucks lol and has been a right peckin pain to get rid of (not helped at all by my teasing/joking about it either!)

    I saw Helge posted something about the codes. We used to use MT on my other big site I work on, but scrapped it for something different. Not sure how best to help Colin-wish I could!

    Hope you are well and thanks as always for stopping by! :) x

    PS COLIN I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT, I truly panicked there for a while! gah again wish I could be of some use to dispense with that photo.

  6. Part of the program?! I remember seeing it months ago & figuring it was just some inside sigma joke. Well, I guess, now in a way it is.

    How silly - who would make a program with a rooster?

    A definite conversation piece anyway.

  7. Well I thought it would be possible to either delete the line referring to that image (I think I've spotted that line) OR replace the source image with another image (I mean there's an address showing where the image is stored, so in theory if you could delete it and then put another one there and name it correctly so that could work) OR simply customize the template with a little help of MT4...

    To be honest I don't get the problem there, cause it's not my site, so maybe there's something I don't understand.. anyway, I seem to be the only person to like the poor ROOSTER lol