Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sizzling Hot Sigma and Sives Sundays

Winter has hit full blast, at least where I am located in the US. Several feet of snow over the past few days, windchills below zero have made this sweetie not so sunny, and longing for warmer places. While that isnt on the agenda at the moment, guess I will have to do with some silliness ..and perhaps some Jamie Sives to heat things up for the moment :D lol lame ass I know, give me a break! lol brain is frozen from the cold!

Right, so first of all, because there is little else at the moment, two sweeties sorta related to Sigma are HOT HOT HOT SCOTS...or according to the Daily Record!
Actress exceptional KATIE DICKIE is on the Daily Record's HOT 100: the women to watch in 2009.

The paper notes:
Best-known for her role as Jackie in her debut film Red Road, East Kilbride-born Kate Dickie is a five-time awardwinning actress.
she has been praised for her willingness to play provoking scenes.

YES LET'S WATCH HER IN ROUNDING UP DONKEYS which she will kick ass again this year please! Man oh man, I want to hear some news on this film soon! good grief, I feel like the only person out there that cares. eep! Anyway, I keep hoping and praying the film is going to debut screen at Berlinale or someplace awesome again-Sigma always has the best luck in Berlin, heres hoping something breaks good for Sigma soon on this front with DONKEYS!

Also on the list is casting director KAHLEEN CRAWFORD(who has worked quite closely and frequently with Sigma Films over the years, getting a boost from the uber awesome and great role model Gillian Berrie, seriously I admire her!) Daily Record writes of Kahleen :20 KAHLEEN CRAWFORD
Kahleen, 29, is a casting director from Glasgow who has worked with directors such as Ken Loach to find the hottest talent.
she casts for shows such as River City. Based at Film City Glasgow, she is now selecting for lots of hot new indie films.

YES INDIE FILMS LIKE RED ROAD SEQUEL/ ADVANCE PARTY FILM: ROUNDING UP DONKEYS!!! *senses broken record rant begging ahead re info for film, decides to shut it for now :p *

Both are women with careers on the rise, (and Im sure many would consider them good looking too!) Over on the Hot Scot Man list: No direct Sigma ties, but there are mentions of those who have worked with Sigma in one form or another including Alex Kapranos, Kevin McKidd, the omni present Gerard Butler who starred in Sigmas wonderful Dear Frankie but GBs fangirls are so so so many and so intense about their Gerry, so I deliberately am avoiding writing too much about Mr Butler cause they will squish me flat lol and well they have it all covered, not much I could add there. Also there is someone on the list at 49 named Sanjeev Kohli where the paper mentions radio and comedy of some sort; there is a person of the same name who is appearing in Sigma Films/Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci, but I have no idea if it is the same man at all-sorry I fail, but I honestly cant be certain so sorry if it is and Im clueless :(
Anyway scores more on that list who have in one form or another worked with someone who worked etc but still NO Jamie Sives- booo! or David or Alastair or Colin. seriously now, wth? oversight city imo. I had intended to make one sunday a month post dedicated just to Jamie, my personal choice for Hot Scot to look for in 2009 ...well hot all the way around, but I digress.

So here is a blast from the past... Jamie did some work in some short films, which is always good -look at Sigma's track record, and look how great I Love Luci is going to be for Colin! Thus, via the ever amazing youtube, I dug up this short clip of a younger (and OK HOT LOOKING :P) Jamie in a fun short film called "The Knickerman" (Jamie stars as a traveling salesman who brings colorful knickers and more-oh ho! to a small town in the uk lol) guess what...hes got that goofy beard thing going on here too lolol LOVE YOU JAMIE!


  1. Dear Sue,

    I will gladly trade you some of your snow (I miss the stuff) for the balmy palm trees in my corner of the world. It was so blasted warm last week that the bugs have come alive & I've actually been swatting mosquitoes which have no right to exist except in summer (& even then I question their right or need to exist, darn it!).

    As for Sives - I never did do a post about Wilbur for you. On the long list of films that have gone neglected by me in recent months . . . maybe I'll finally get to it.

  2. Hi Sue!

    Thanks very much for digging up this clip.

    Can't believe he didn't make the top 100 list. At least we know about him!

    Have a grand Christmas.