Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jamie Bell Comments on Pending Actors Guild Strike, Future Movies on Hold and More

MoviesOnline has posted a new interview with actor Jamie Bell (Mister Hallam Foe). The bulk of the article focuses on his upcoming "Defiance" film (which has some good comments on co-stars Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber) but of interest are comments at the end regarding the looming Screen Actor's guild strike and the impact of the economy plus a possible strike on his future new movies. Quotage as follows:

MoviesOnline: What do you have coming up?

JAMIE BELL: There’s a lot of things that were supposed to go this year, especially early this year and then late this year. And then we all kind of found ourselves in a global economic downturn and now nothing’s being made. Everything is on the runway waiting for the tower to clear it and as usual they’ll all get cleared at the same time and then we’ll end up doing absolutely nothing.

MoviesOnline: What about the possibility of the actors going on strike?

JAMIE BELL: It’s ridiculous.

MoviesOnline: Do you think once that’s resolved the floodgates will open?

JAMIE BELL: I hope so. I really do. I don’t know what my position is on any of that, really. I just know it’s a pretty bad time right now for a lot of people and a lot of people don’t have any jobs and a lot of people are running out of money and people need to get back to work -- across the board, everywhere, all over the world, not just the entertainment industry. But a strike right now seems utter lunacy to me.

Couldnt agree more, but I am uncertain of all the nuances behind the potential strike. I fully realise things are horrible for many, and its only going to get worse before we will turn things around-and they WILL TURN- but in the meantime art will continue to suffer. Many of my friends have seen lay offs galore, the publishing industry is cutting back terribly as well-leisure items the first to suffer and people just dont buy books or go out to cinemas (at 10 a pop no less!) during times like this, so hence the arts and worlds I know are hit hard. Having talked to my friend Helge and the things she has seen around her-I do worry so. Im certain its the same in the UK and Scotland esp-worry very much if David will get to make Stain in the Snow, or Rounding Donkeys will ever see the light of a cinema, or Colin's Luci film will make it too-let alone these good folk will have jobs to support them in the months ahead.

To end on a positive note, Jamie did reference slightly Hallam Foe, and working on accents:

MoviesOnline: You’ve done accent work before, is that something that comes relatively naturally for you at this point?

JAMIE BELL: You have to. Being a Brit, it’s like you have to get rid of the accent quickly. Pretty much everything I’ve ever done there’s always an accent and it becomes the same ritual, just the different sound in the end.

MoviesOnline: Are any easier or harder at this point?

JAMIE BELL: Generic American is like you can just click your brain and you start doing it, it’s pretty good. But I did Scottish recently which was a challenge, a real challenge because – what was it that I wanted to slip into? Oh no, it was this one, I did Scottish and then doing this kind of accent I almost wanted to slip immediately back into Scottish, because there are certain vowel sounds that kind of sound the same for some reason. Liev and Daniel had to learn another language, which is a little different.

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