Saturday, January 3, 2009


Here is some great news to start the year off right, I think with celebration for a good friend and a true fan and devoted fellow fan of Sigma's as well. Today, I want to say:


Helge is prob Sigmas longest and most devoted commentator on the original blogs and now the latest versions as well. A film fan and a film maker in her own right, Helge has been a great source of laughter, insight, great discussions-yes truly even tho others resent her at times for not being shy to offer a perspective and opinion that doesnt jibe with their own, honest, loyal, caring, a calming perspective when stress is too much, inspiration to go on when it would be easy to say f it all, and a fierce believer in the power of film and independent films and their makers.

So cheers to you dear friend, here's hoping you find great joy in your work, with your family and friends, and that life brings you much happiness and success in the year and years ahead! Happy Birthday :)))


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  2. OMG SUE I've only just seen this one!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH my dear friend! (I thought you'd forgotten about my bday.. I was so depressed about this awful awful huge NUMBER that I wanted to "forget" to celebrate it... but then EVERYONE started congratulating me and now I'm having a HUGE bday BEER party at a nice pub in Moscow.. And after the pub the survivors wll be invited to my house to continue the party. I wish you could be there with us too :)) BTW I'm not even depessed about this number anymore! I don't know what's happened, I feel better that I've ever felt in my life!
    P.S. I'm really trying to stay silent more often and not smash everyone with my opinions.. but OMG it's so HARD!!! For instance I've just seen Defiance... OH NO NO NO NO I'm not saying aything, I'm a grown-up person now!!! LOL

    Thanks again for being such a wonderful friend! Honestly, I'm not the easiest perrson to be friends with, I'm so glad to have met you!
    :) Helge