Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sives Sunday: Last Chance Harvey

First Sives Sunday of the Year! :D

Continuing to do small pieces on my fave actor (and occassional Sigma Film actor) Jamie Sives, the focus is on "Last Chance, Harvey." Now I have NOT yet seen this film, as it was released over the holiday and I went and saw a bunch of excellent films (Ben Button, Milk for example, both superb) and just did not have time. According to IMDB, Jamie was cast in a small role as "Doctor Butler" As awards season is upon us and the studios are promoting all their films, Overture Films has their page online, which contains the script for the film which stars Dustin Hoffman and the truly excellent Emma Thompson (plot spoilers of course at the link) If it made the final cut, Jamies character shows up near the end I think. If I counted right, he has about 9 total lines, most stuff like Stay calm, we need an EKG.. bleh lol. This film draws a sort of eh so so response from me personally, and I think, despite my love of Jamie, am going to wait for the DVD on this one.

PS-Thanks again Ollie for stopping by last year and sharing the love of Jamie! Cheers to a new year and more Jamie Sives goodness! :D

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  1. Happy New Year Sue! Here's to a great 2009 and lots more Jamie!

    No problem, I'm glad I came across your blog on Jamie.

    Thanks for the news on Last Chance Harvey, I too will wait for the DVD if it gets released here in Oz. Maybe we will have better luck with Triage.

    Thanks too for the nice large picture of Jamie from Wilbur... drool!