Saturday, January 17, 2009

Qik! To the Top of the Sundance Slopes We Go

I suppose Sir Hillary would be proud of this lol: the tasks are well underway at the Sundance sidebar task for Ashton Kutcher, as the 24hoursatSundance event began a few hours ago, and the next hurdle involves planting a flag at the top of ole Sundance. In the tradition of all great explorers adventurers or in this case, ground breaking bloggers and following the vision of Ashton and Co LOLOL -they have to take a flag theyve secured, somehow get it up on one of the ski slopes outside the festival, write their cell numbers and the phrase for a good time call hahahaha. Ive been amused by the vlogs of the others, YOU CAN SEE THEM ALL HERE, including one who said they needed to get someone else to go up to the mountain for them lol

BTW NO WORD yet on the Spread premiere tonight, but hopefully more is to come.

Update! Task no's 3 & 4 involve videos (enjoyed the beer chugging one lmao, but frankly would have loved those boots Meghan I think went shopping for,nice!) and now the gauntlet has been laid down with an addendum NO.5...and YOUTUBE! The quest for the mighty viewer clicks begins lol!

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