Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rejoice! Updates Regarding Red Road Sequel "Rounding Up Donkeys"

To get the year off on the right foot...or should I say...hoof ;P at long last there is news to report on Sigma Films "Rounding Up Donkeys." The sequel to the highly acclaimed film "Red Road" and part of the Advance Party Trilogy, is apparently completed and ready to go.The film is directed by Morag McKinnon, written by Colin McLaren, and produced by Sigma's own Anna Duffield and the awesome Gillian Berrie.

Some kind soul ...I am not sure who (maybe Colin? dunno) actually updated the official Sigma Films website for the first time in over a year lol yay!, and huzzah resulting in lots of new little tidbits of news for dorks like me, including on Donkeys. What do we find?:

Is this a release date??? The IMDB page said Feb 09 in the UK, so I was thinking/praying for a Berlin film festival opener, or possible the Glasgow Film Festival?? but no idea what this means. Is this just the date it was actually completed (ie all the sound work final edits etc completed or what?? gahhh I wish I knew more.

Two : A photo of lead actor James Cosmo as Alfred from the film. Now I saw this earlier as part of a slew of photos on the set photographers site before alas and to great bafflement they were removed

(and hell yea I saved all of them too-but no I wont be reposting just yet cause Im sure that would way the hell piss off too many people but squee I know what is coming whenever they officially release those WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO NOW PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE -I want copies in large glorious sizes, esp of the awesome Katie Dickie and Martin Compston because I am hopeless and yea ok a tad greedy/needy loopy)

Three: the RuD page also reads: Running Time: 97 Minutes.


Four: Also of interest is word the score is composed by Magnus Fiennes (yes part of that awesome film family) You can read more about the various scores (lots of commercials,a few hit songs and scores to other smaller films he has done) including a mention about the work for Sigma here via Cool Music Limited.

Related: Speaking of Katie Dickie, kick ass actress extraordinaire.... According to her agents page, the episode of Taggart she appeared is due to be rebroadcast on Stv tonight. Here are some small pics of Katie they ran including I gather what she looked like in the show. Being in the US, I cant access any Scottish TV shows, even the mighty Youtube does not have clips of Katie in this ( and I think Jamie Sives has also appeared in this show early on as well-must be a common starting point for many Scottish actors )

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